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October 2012

Swedish quality in the bedroom


Because I really love beautifully made beds, I thought to have a bedroom special today. Of course, I love to be inspired by all the different bedroom websites available online. The bedroom is probably one of the most fun rooms to decorate.

There really are so many different styles and the hardest thing is to choose. Most importantly, however, I think is to make sure you have good quality between the sheets :)



Good quality and a classic Swedish beauty that you can rely on in bed :)




All images above are from Swedish so please go to their website for more lovely bedroom inspiration.

A personal favorite among firms that sell bedding is Swedish They have made high quality bedding since 1951 in Värnamo (Småland, Sweden.) They get a lot of inspiration from nature and are Sweden’s only remaining manufacturer of duvets and pillows. My dear homeland Sweden is known to deliver good design quality in interior and it also applies to bedding :)

Which bed are you dreaming about??

Have a great day sweeties!


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