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August 2012

Decor crush of the day


Pink and black, open fire mmm LOVE it :)






Black wooden floor….simply amazing


Invites me to be creative and go wild with colors :)

It’s time again for the decor crush of the day, and this time it’s a big one on a charming old apartment in Malmö. There’s something about the history and atmosphere in old buildings that new ones just don’t have. In this home there is a perfect mix of decorations that bring out the apartment’s own unique beauty. Fine details in a home are so important, and here you can see them from their best angles. Wonderful pink silk meets black wooden floors, and just look at the grandiose wall filled with picture frames. My biggest crush however is the old black fireplace. Just imagine having sitting there in the Autumn with an open fire and a good book… mmm lovely :)

A real dream home with lovely big rooms allows space for play, parties and companionship. Old style in the bathroom and a wonderful chequered dream floor makes my heart skip a beat. Add an arty room where the creative juices can flow freely and my decor dream is complete :)

Do you like old style buildings?

Have a great weekend!


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