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April 2012

The Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg

botaniska trädgården

botaniska tradgarden vitsippor

The white flowers are called vitsippor in Swedish (windflowers)

botaniska trädgården trad tree lila

slottskogen gothenburg stuga

A beautiful cottage in Slottskogen

botaniska tradgarden gothenburg

The Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg

My best friend and I visited the Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg this weekend, and I simply must share the beauty I saw! Every tree is flowering – a stunning sight of pink cherry blossoms and powerful rhododanderon bushes.

Windflowers are in full bloom in the woods and dance around the trees like virgins in white dresses. The feeling is completed by the Spring bird’s serenade in trees and bushes. Natures stunning beauty in the Springtime makes me feel so humbled that I can barely describe it in words :) We also took some pictures in Slottskogen – I live nearby and am very grateful for that!

In my previous post about Gothenburg, I forgot to mention the Botanical Gardens, which are a must-see for all of you who are interested in gardens. The picture of the red cottage is taken inside the Botanical Gardens, which almost looks like it could be out in the countryside, even though it’s in the middle of town. Definitely worth a visit when you come to Gothenburg in other words :)

Enjoy the rest of your week! :)


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