11 tips to repaint the house

If you are thinking of painting your house, but you are not sure if you can do it, you probably
landed on this article. It is great news because we have exactly what you need! Do you need some tips on how to paint or repaint your house? Would you like to know some of the tips that professional painters use?

Let’s start!

1. Always test your paint

First and foremost you should always test your paint before you even decide to buy it. If you are
thinking of painting your house either on the interior or exterior, the first thing to do is to go to a
paint store and ask for samples.

This allows you to test the paint even before you commit to buying it. Take those samples and
apply them in a remote place of your house. Let it dry and sit for a few days and see how the
paint finish looks. Remember that paints always look different in the can, and once it dries. This
is why it is important to test it before you jump into the painting.

2. Fill holes and cracks

In order to prepare for your painting job, one of the best ways to make sure your paint lasts, and
your house has the finish you want is to fill all the holes and cracks you find. There is a special
paste for this type of work, and ideally, you should do this before even starting painting.

3. Clean the wall so the paint can adhere properly

Another important step to take is to clean the walls once you filled all of the cracks and holes.
Walls can sometimes contain dust or even stains, and this makes it difficult for the paint to stick.
By cleaning your walls you make sure that the paint easily adapts to the walls, and sticks for a
long time. Increasing the durability of your paint.

4. Don’t buy cheap brushes

Sometimes think of DIY projects and think they can go with cheap materials. This may be true
for some things but not when it comes to painting. Make sure you buy the top materials. The
difference in price will not be significant, but the finish will be extremely different.
Cheap brushes will often leave brush hair on the walls, and this is something you want to avoid
at all costs. Imagine your newly painted white wall with black brush hairs.

5. Always buy an extra bucket of paint

When you finally decide on the paint you want to buy, make sure you buy an extra bucket or
two. This is because things may not go as planned, and you may need the extra paint. Imagine
you need a second coating on one of the rooms, and you have to run down to the store, and the
paint is not available in the store anymore.

For this reason, always buy an extra bucket or two. It is also useful because if you want to
repaint one wall you always have the exact match paint.

6. Remove the light switches

Removing the light switches is very important because otherwise, you will not be able to paint
the wall completely. Make sure you use tape on the electricity walls from the light switches and
be careful when painting those areas.

7. Apply tape and let the paint dry before removing

Apply tape on all of the areas you need, and don’t be cheap with the tape. It is important to
protect everything so you do not accidentally paint the door jamb. Make sure you apply the tape
correctly so it does not come out while you are painting.

8. When using a painting roll always roll to the top

A simple tip you can use to get a consistent look on your painting is to use the roll and always
roll to the top close to the ceiling. This ensures that the painting looks consistent in every part of
the wall. It is also a great way to avoid painting spots all-around your walls that will completely
destroy the look you are trying to achieve.

9. Don’t put a lot of paint on the painting roll

Another great piece of advice is to not put a lot of paint on the painting roll. This can make the
paint cling together easily, and it becomes difficult to spread a lot of paint if you have a lot of
paint on your painting roll. The same tip should be used for brushes.

10. Cover furniture and the floor (don’t forget your lamps)

Don’t forget to cover your furniture and the floor and don’t forget your lamps. Make sure every
part of the room that can be accidentally painted is covered with plastic or paper. You may also
wish to use a cloth. All of these work great, and the goal is to avoid any painting accidents,
which are very common when you are painting a whole room.

11. Fill a whole bucket with all of the paint

Finally one of the most important pieces of advice is to mix your paint cans in a large bucket.
This ensures that the paint will stay consistent throughout the room you are painting. Although
two paint cans may look the same they are not entirely. By mixing in all of the paint, the finished
paint job will look equal in every part of the wall. Giving you a consistent texture and color
throughout the room.


Painting can be an interesting DIY project to do with the family. It is not difficult but it is important
to prepare things in the best way possible to ensure that you do not ruin a room with paint. By
following these tips you will certainly have an easier time painting or repainting every room.

Happy Painting!

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