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10 ideas how to organize your laundry room 

It goes without saying that each and every corner of your house should enjoy a proper aesthetical profile. It should be bright, filled with colors, have proper décor, and present with a more sustainable way to use the space that it has to offer. Whether it is bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom you should incur a decent amount of thought into bringing all of these up to speed with the overall décor and feel of your home.

The laundry room is the last possible place people think of when imparting décor or a design-oriented approach to it. Most people only use it for doing laundry and for stuffing away unwanted items that can’t find a proper space anywhere else. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fancy or have no aesthetical approach whatsoever? This article shall cover plenty of ideas and unique tips to make your laundry room into this incredible haven. We will be covering tips to increase the aesthetical profile of your laundry room and stuff that shall cover ideas to make a small laundry room look bigger and vice versa So, without further ado let’s get right into it;

How to decorate different sizes of the room?

Size of the laundry room

The first thing that you need to analyze about your laundry room design is the overall space that you presently have. It might be big enough to accommodate plenty of furniture and therefore décor ideas or you would have to work with a confined space. The question ‘how to décor different sizes of the laundry room?’ has been spun around quite a lot and there are plenty of routes and directions that you can take for it such as;

Rustic laundry room

The rustic approach is a bit redundant and it works best for small spaces. What you do here is that you set up your dryer and washer in such a way that you have plenty of space to work with. You can use these appliances in their own capacity while using the top of these as the shelving area to stock potential items for use. With this rustic laundry room décor idea, you can set up a small cabinet for either storing more inventory or placing household cleaning items adjacent to the machines, thus keeping it casual.

Black and white wallpaper in the background

It can be a daunting task having to design a small living space but working with large spaces is also no fun, you are often trying to stuff things that don’t go with each other, and more often than not it comes out having a monotone effect. But this classic black and white wallpaper running in the background is going to give you a lot of room to work with. This is eccentrically a much better approach towards how to décor a big laundry room?

There are plenty of benefits that you would be able to reap, first of all, you would be able to create an atmosphere that is nurturing and kind of works as a filler to this huge space that you have. Secondly, you won’t need to stuff your laundry room with excessive furniture that isn’t going to add any potential value to the space. And finally, you can match it with a ceramic counterpart, either tiles or storage compartments to give it a more fine-tuned final look.

How to make a small laundry room look bigger?

That is particularly the tricky part of this whole charade. What you are trying to do here is to create an illusion of a large enough space while in reality, that space is only minimal. Before you ask, No! it is not going to require an actual magician to pull it off, a few design elements here and a few aesthetical pieces there, and Voila! you have got yourself a pretty neat laundry room. Following are some of the ways you can actually pull it off;

Show your creativity with flooring

Playing with the flooring of the laundry room especially when you are not so grand in the space is the best thing that you can do to project an illusion of a spacious and windy laundry room. Checkered marble tiles, the black and white classics ought to do the trick. This will create a sense of illusion that the space is indeed plenty and you can not only adjust all of your laundry essentials packed a bit too congested with each other but also opt for the storage space on top of everything else and the room shall still look spacious enough.

Stylish flooring and a narrow touch

The patterned floor tile is another direction that you can take with your laundry room but here you have an added component of aesthetical design. This idea is sound, especially for the narrow spaces with not much going on. So, what you should do here is that you should at first lay a patterned tile floor and then opt for a bit jazzier look with the help of a wooden butcher block slab working as a countertop above the washer and dryer. An ironing board can be hung over the wall to add a glimmer of style while being within reach whenever the need be.

Add a gentle pop of color

This might not be on your to-do list when it comes to designing your laundry room as most of the focus is on adding more furniture, opting for flooring solutions, and installing cabinets. But in the long run, adding more color to your laundry room brings out a more aesthetical version of it, it allows you to add contrasting information that almost instantly lifts up the aesthetical value of your laundry room, to begin with.

What you can do is use contrasting paint to elevate different sides of the room, and paint the cabinets blue over a dazzling white wall with either paint or plain white tiles. Add in a few indoor plants here and there and if the size of the room allows for it then also try adding in a few laundry baskets made out of jute or some other natural fiber to add a more rustic touch.

How to decorate a big laundry room?

The most debilitating aspect of a big laundry room is that you have got a lot of ground to cover. Modern laundry room décor, fortunately, has all the answers to this problem, there are actually a bunch of things you can do to cover that ever-stretching ground, play with the paint and design of the place, and add items here and there, including furnishing items and whatnot. To better understand this aspect following are some of the décor ideas for large laundry rooms that you should definitely try out;

Overhauling shelves

If you want to make your laundry room fun and decorative and want to tackle the space set in a way that you don’t have to invest too much into the furniture for the laundry room then you need shelves and a lot of these. Install black metal brackets and on top of these the glass shelves which will help you to showcase different decorative items in a much more intensive capacity.

To get you started you can put out frame stylized prints, glass bowls of different shapes and orientations, and moreover, apothecary jars, decorative boxes, and other such items could be placed on these shelves to bring out a more decent vibe of the place. You can divide these shelves into small units or have favorably extensive shelves running alongside the dimensions of the laundry room providing enough space to lay out all the potential decorations.

Monochromatic laundry room

Another great idea that shall take away the burden of coming up with tons of furniture and placing it around is a monochromatic laundry room. This idea implies the use of two different colors and everything within the laundry room must have only these two colors and nothing else. A crisscross white and black floor accenting with lush white wall background and washer and dryer machines being of either of these colors would do wonders for your big laundry room, filling it up with details and making the whole place come together in a much more elementary way.

Which furniture to use in the laundry room to keep it organized?

You don’t need an overwhelming amount of furniture within your laundry room, this isn’t how this specific room functions. It has a specific function and that is to cater to your laundry and the stocking of cleaning essentials so these are easier to navigate when the time arises. Laundry tables, hanging racks for drying the clothes and freestanding racks are the common elements when it comes to the furnishing needs of the laundry room. You can rearrange these items as per the size or dimensions of the room but these are all you would ever require to organize your laundry room and make it a bit more aesthetical.


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