sommardukning gul

strawberries jordgubbar


tradgard garden appel apple

apple blossom

margarita ros lavendel lavender

försommar summer shoes sommar skor

Early Summer dreams

After having been in bed all week, inredningsvis is now ready to take rejuvenated next step. I’m beginning this week with early Summer dreams. I am so tired of the cold which refuses to leave us, in favour of warm Spring winds. I want to sit in an apple tree orchard in full bloom, smell the scent of lavender and eat strawberries and ice cream :) I want to stroll along a warm Summer beach and let the sound of the waves rock away all signs of big city stress.

Over the years, I have however realised that I like living in a country with four seasons, because without the cold, there cannot be the feeling of longing for warmth and change. It’s like everything else in life, change is the key to true happiness. Without daring to change, we can easily get stuck in the past and don’t dare to take that first step out into unchartered territory. Without winter and darkness it’s not possible to experience the feeling of warm winds caressing bare legs in a Summer dress for the first time for the year.

So I am longing to let the winds of change take me away to an apple tree orchard in bloom, fragrant lavender and strawberries with ice cream :)

I wish you a warm start to the week.



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. I Canada, I love the four seasons. There was a distinctive summer, fall, winter and spring. Here in France there is fall, fall, fall, and fall. I want to get away from this chilly air…but I love France to much. So anyways, thank you for the summery thoughts!

  2. M…
    You have a beautiful blog! I like your style and am with you on the seasons. :) Wishing you the very best and sending many thanks for following my blog..
    Jeanne xxx

  3. Yes, here in Southern California it is sunny & warm almost year round. As pretty as it is, I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, snow and all, & I miss the seasons sooooo much. Sweden must be so beautiful in the Spring. Thanks for the pretty pictures. :)

  4. I miss the seasons. I grew up in the northeastern U.S. and then moved to Florida 16 years ago. We have warm weather most of the year and there is something to be said about seasons changing.
    Thank you for stopping by blog today. I’m glad you like it.

  5. These photos are just gorgeous… I want to be sitting outside at that table at dusk eating delicious food and laughing with some people I love. What a gorgeous way to start the week – thank you!

  6. thanks for the nice comments
    on my blog ..) .. I am happy) .. I will follow you ..
    your blog is interesting and I like it ..
    a good week!

  7. What a gorgeous blog you have! And I really appreciate what you wrote. I miss having four real seasons for exactly the reasons that you wrote (and your words clearly come from the heart).
    Thanks for finding me and take care! Yes, I am signing up. :)

  8. Icecreammmmmmmmm, yessss! Summer, please come! Lovely inspiration, dear Maria. I visited Stockholm on January, so I do not know how spring “look” like there, but I can imagine. I love that purple design table in the first photo. :*

  9. Vilka u n d e r b a r a bilder du bjuder på!! Man blir verkligen inspirerad! Härlig blogg du har!

  10. Dör en smula när jag kollar in din ljuvliga blogg, vilka bilder – fantastiska! Blir en följare direkt!
    Tack för fin kommentar hos mig!


  11. What a wonderful post! I too have begun to appreciate the fact that I live in a four-season climate and to find the beauty in every one of the. But summer remains my favourite. :)

  12. Hei :)
    Tusen takk for koselig kommentar på min blogg! Du finner meg på facebook. bare trykke på hjertet du ser på høyre side på bloggen, eller så finner du fb, nedest på bloggen på venstre side :)

    Nydelige bilder her. lengter etter sommer nå ja :)

    Klem Laila

  13. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, your’s is really lovely, beautiful images and to your question, no sorry I just have blogglovin or you can follow me over blogger, google connect, those two are the only possibilites, but thank you for the interest!

  14. Mmmm….this makes me wish I lived somewhere with longer springs! They are very short here. I am a hot weather kind of girl, but I understand what you mean. We wouldn’t fully appreciate it without the different seasons, or to feel the “firsts” of each season.

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