Travel costs money but dreaming is free :) Therefore I thought to start a new travel category here at inredningsvis that I have called Dream Away. The idea is to help you dream away from a grey boring day and inspire you to new and exciting journeys.

My first dream destination is Malaga in Spain: Sunny, warm and magical. Here is some info about a real Spanish Summer pearl….



Malaga is known as one of the most relaxing places to visit. While relaxing in the shade of the palm trees, enjoying the cool atmosphere of the Puerta Oscuras scenery, you get a good view of the magnificent Alcazaba fortress in the distance. If you love nature, you will adore the beautiful flowers and gardens of La Concepción – Botanical Garden.


Malaga is best known for painter Pablo Picasso in 1881, who was born there. He became the most famous contemporary artist, with countless stormy love affairs. The Picasso Museum in Malaga is located in the beautiful Buena Vista Palace and a visit is a must for every tourist.



Get a sun-kissed tan on the beaches of La Malagueta or enjoy the cool waters of the bays at the El Palo. If this is still not enough for you, treat yourself by experiencing the warm hamam and divine massage at Málaga Banos Rrabes.


Even at night you can enjoy what magic Malaga’s nightlife has to offer. You can go to different music bars and Sports Parties lined up along the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. From La Malagueta to Pedregalejo, Calle de Las Beata, and Plaza de la Merced, the city thrives with animated bodegas, live music bars and bass-driven clubs.


With so many attractions in Malaga, the beauty of the place is beyond words. Whatever activity you do, as long as it fits your time and budget, you will experience the best of what Malaga has to offer. Choose from countless attractions and you will surely experience the heaven on earth on your Malaga holidays. A visit to Malaga and you know what you’ve missed :)


I hope this post helped you dream away for a little while. I’m tired of the grey wet and rain and could therefore easily take the next flight from Gothenburg to Malaga – one way ticket :)

Do you have a favourite destination?

Send in some pictures to my Guest Inspiration and I’ll publish them in Dream Away :)

Have a great day!



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Hi Maria! You are right, dreaming is totally free and dont cost anything:) You made me dream of Malaga and sun! I never visited it but i’d love too!:) great photos! Kisses and love!:*

  2. I am dreaming away! My mother was in Malaga last month and she loved it. She said that the food was fantastic, shopping was great and the sea breeze was so fresh. She highly recommends visiting this city!

  3. You don’t dream light ;). And you shouldn’t!
    Malaga is very rich because you can have all – culture, leisure, nonsense, meaning… there’s all there. And you can enjoy it at your pace because is less hyped than other destinations…
    Great Idea for a Space in your Blog. Dream Away, Princess Maria!

  4. Hej Maria, vilket underbart drömresemål! Jag flyger ofta till Malaga men åker alltid direkt mot Marbella/Puerto Banus-området så jag har ännu inte hunnit njuta av denna stad. Kanske nästa gång!
    PS: Tusen tack för att du sa till om länkarna, de är utbytta nu:)
    Kram Annika

  5. Amazing pics and places!!! Thanks for the comment!!!

  6. PS. Glömde säga att din länk är felstavad i mitt kommentarsfält, bara så det inte blivit något som följer med dig på alla bloggar du kommenterar på:)

  7. Great idea to do this kind of post. And it’s awesome how you chose a non-generic place unlike Paris, Italy and the like. Malaga looks very beautiful and it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Now I wish I could go there someday as well. :)

  8. Hi dear!
    I’ve been in malaga, so nice and sunny!
    Love this kind of post!!!
    Have a nice day!

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