Designer furniture copies with class

Few designer furniture items are as coveted as the classics, and fewer people can afford to buy them. Copying design furniture is an art unto itself, and unfortunately the results are seldom any good. However, there is always an exception to the rule…



Arne Jacobsen’s timeless icon chairs Ant and Seven cost a fortune. makes chairs in the same quality as the originals, but at much a much lower cost :)

Fact: Arne Jacobsen designed not only buildings and furniture, but also a number of other items like bathroom fixtures, textiles, and the metal platter Cylinda in 1966.


My design favorites Barcelona chair and Noguchi coffee table… check out the replicas HERE.

designkopior möbler

Le Corbusier is a wonderfully comfortable chaise. It’s also called the Relax Machine. Available as a well-made replica by Nlini for about 6000 SEK… A considerable bargain! Who doesn’t want to relax with a good book in this lovely piece of furniture? :)



No introduction needed for these legends… Arne Jacobsen’s Egg and Charles Eames masterpiece. Both are hotter than ever and they are available in perfect copies HERE. So well made ​​that your neighbour can’t see the difference :)

designer furniture

Finn Juhl: Poeten Sofa and Pelican chair in wonderful purple color. The sleek lines fit in any living room.


Designer furniture copies with class, from Nlini

The exception to the rule is the English firm Nlini, that specializes in copying designer furniture at the best possible price. The difference between Nlini and other replica companies is that Nlini use materials of similar quality to the originals. Cashmere is used for upholstery and genuine oxhide for all leather furniture. The focus of Nlini is always on quality before price. Nlini say… “We refuse to compromise on quality”

Arne Jacobsen’s furniture icon the Egg has been destroyed many times by bad replica manufacturers. Nlini sew every seam by hand, just like the original. The result is a tribute to the egg, rather than a poor copycat of a chair that is worth the very best.

Personally I think that if you can’t afford to buy a design classic in the original, Nlinis copies are the next best thing. Everyone should be able to enjoy a comfortable stylish Barcelona chair without it breaking the bank :)

What is your absolute favorite piece of furniture design?

Have a wonderful Monday, sweeties!


designkopior nlini

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  • Reply
    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 12:21

    Have you bought anything from nlini? Is the quality really that good?

    I’ve always wanted Verner Pantons Globe – here I might be able to afford…

  • Reply
    Monday, November 16, 2015 at 21:16

    Hi, there are some great quality replicas on the market, try – bought a set of Eames DSW from here and cannot fault. They look and feel great :-)

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