We see a lot of cute animals in childrens bedroom decor this Spring.

I have neglected the inspiration for children’s room here on the blog for a while but it’s going to change it in 2014.

We start with some lovely inspiration for decorating children’s rooms from HM Home.

Childrens bedrooms: Decorating with animals

childrens bedrooms

childrens rooms

These cute animals can be pasted on to walls in children’s bedrooms.

You can of course easily make these yourself with photos of your own pets at home.


barntapeter 3


Super cute baby bags in delicious pink from HM home. Who said kids things must be plasticky and cliché?

barnrum 4

Animals patterns for children’s decor also appear on duvet covers in Spring 2014.

barn inredning

Children’s rooms: Lighting

Here are some tips on how you can highlight children’s decor in the best way:

1. Ceiling lights
Have proper lighting for the whole room with spotlights that can rotate in different directions.

2. Play lights
Use a lamp for when the child sits and does puzzles.

3. Cosy lighting
Is so important to give a feeling of closeness during bedtime stories.

4. Night lights
Create a feeling of security so let your child sleep with a soft light on.


These were some tips to light up your children’s rooms. If the child is old enough, it might be smart to ask them how they want their decor and lighting.

Let the children have their say now, because they will no doubt do it anyway when they become teenagers :)

What do you think about animals and lighting in children’s rooms?

Have a great new week!



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