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Now to today’s post and one of my absolute favorite styles of decor … bohemian.

Home decor: Bohemian vintage







Bohemian Vintage

There are various terms used in the interior design world, and the most overused is surely Shabby Chic. The fact is that I could not stand that phrase for a while :) In bohemian decor, there are different styles such as Bohemian chic, classic, bohemian, etc. I have called today’s style “Bohemian Vintage”, which we’ve seen a lot of lately.

My decor style is probably Bohemian Hollywood, that is, a mix of classic glam and bohemian style. It does not take much to change for a room to bohemian. Oriental cushions in different colors and lanterns can make the environment bohemian in a jiffy.



What is your decor style? And would you like to go bohemian at home?



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Oh these are all stunning! I love this decor style – pinning them all for when I move! I love the mismatched-but-somehow-it-works colors and the clashing prints!

    xx gemma @ gemmachew.com

  2. Ljuvligt – precis min stil! Gillar uttrycket “Bohemian Vintage” :) Tack för inspirationen – jag har turen att bo nära en stor loppisbutik som har massor av fina saker just i Bohemian Vintage-stilen. Får nog göra ett besök där snart…

  3. I love all the color in bohemian spaces….when I redo my bedroom I plan on using similar spaces for inspiration.


  4. Oh yes! I am gravitating more and more towards this style now that I am decorating my new home. Plus it’s less expensive since you can shop the thrift stores! Beautiful photos Maria!

  5. Det är så vacker med den stilen som ni/ du presenterar i detta inlägg. Man känner sig så hemma och ombonad när man får komma till någon med en bohemisk stil. Me like. A lot!

    Ps: Jag har bytt bloggportal som du kanske ser/ sett.
    Bara för lite info när du ska hälsa på <3


  6. A style that I love, Mary, in fact in my post tomorrow to show you how I created a little bohemian corner in my studio.
    Thanks for your visit and your loving comment

  7. Nämen åh så härligt det såg ut! Vilken inspiration! Indiska har många fina kuddar i underbara kulörer:)

  8. Åh underbart vackert! Älskar att blanda den bohemiska stilen med vintage, kan ju inte bli bättre :)

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