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decor details

I was just looking for new Spring shoes online when I suddenly saw a connection between shoes and decor: lots of colours to choose from, no two people have exactly the same taste, and in the end it’s all about looking good :)








A wonderful golden throne + hot high heels: Fit for a true Dancing Queen :)


Decor details

I spend a lot of time sifting through countless home decor images. What I realised was that small decor details make a BIG difference in an image, and it’s these that my eyes are drawn to. Shoes for example are oftenused in glamourous fashion and & decor magazines. A perfect bedroom with luxutious sheets might look good, but the image isn’t complete without a pair of high heels nonchalantly strewn by the bedside :)

Details make a picture personal and help us feel at home in the image. Home stylists know that just a few carefully chosen details in the right place can make all the difference when a property goes on sale.

So girls, get out your hottest high heels and let them wander… the decor wise way :)

What do you think about shoes as home decor details?

Have a great day, cuties :)


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