Decor crush of the day: Dream floor in Barcelona

Today we’re travelling to a fantastic apartment in Barcelona, in Spain, where I’m completely in love with a unique floor. The architecture in this apartment is well preserved from the glory of days gone by. Windows, ceiling and chandelier are all original.

But the feature that sticks out the most is… the floor. What a fantastic brown tiled floor! :)

Dream floor

marrakech kakel


LOVE at first floor-sight :)






This sort of floor was made popular in Barcelona during the Art Nouveau era. These sorts of floors are rare here in the Nordic countries, as we tend to use wood. You can see how the floor pattern is a common element in all of the rooms.

I’ve never been to Barcelona but have heard that the architecture is amazing. Now I have another reason to visit this beautiful city – to look at the wonderful stone floors.

Wha do you think about my floor decor crush of the day??

Have a great week, cuties! :)


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