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badkar med tassar

MMM there it is again…my black/white floor wet dream :)

In the Summertime, there is strong daylight from all directions. At times the bright Summer sun can be a bit much inside, which is why the Roman blind is a great invention. They lock out a decent amount of light, can be raised and lowered, and come in a variety of fabrics to match all types of decor. I’m going to get one for my kitchen as the light is so bright I’m thinking about wearing shades inside to avoid being blinded by the morning sun! :)

There are many different types including those where you pull up manually and tie with a simple bow, to more advanced models which are ties to hooks on the window frame. Some manufacturers even make custom made roman blinds using your own fabrics, although Ikea and Hemtex mass-produce simpler models at reasonable prices :)

More wonderful roman blind inspiration can be found at

What do you think about Roman blinds? Beautiful Roman blinds, or beautiful only if you’re a blind Roman? :)

Have a great weekend my lovelies!


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