Danish dream decor from Mollegaarden


I’m really passionate about Danish design so therefore we’re visiting our dear neighbours today at inredningsvis. There is something colourful and light about Danish decor. It can be liberating to immerse yourself in sugar sweet pastel shades as a change to the old standard white, white and more white. So let’s go to the land of Lego…



Mollegaarden has wonderful Easter items, cushions etc from Greengate. I’m going to take the cute little thermos in my bag for the first picnic of the Spring :)





Lovely pastel-coloured kitchen decor from Greengate makes baking sooo much more fun :)

barnrum inredning

Vissa saker är bara för söta för ord. De små Maleg-kaninerna gör mig lycklig och ni hittar ett stort sortiment av den HÄR.


Today’s webshop is Danish, is called mollegaarden.dk and is a true dream for a decor-crazy kitchen-maniac. You’ll have to look far and wide to find a webshop with more items than Mollegaarden. They even have Swedish brands in their line up. Maileg, IB Laursen, Green Gate and House Doctor as just some of the brands they carry.

Mollegaarden has everything you can think of to style your household: porcelain, table cloths, baking items and even sweet childrens items. I’m completely sold on the cute Maileg rabbits – they’re perfect gift items. Mollegaarden also have wonderful chandeleirs that you just HAVE to check out (me too :) I think that the Danes are probably a bit better than Swedes in terms of food and household items.

Mollegaarden is a webshop you just don’t want to miss, because if you do, you’ll miss out on a SALE they have on right now, so grab a bargain.

Have a great day, sweethearts! :)



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