Att driva en inredningsblogg ger den stora förmånen att varje dag få se vackra hem hos kreativa människor. Det här sovrummet var en sann decor crush vid mitt första skönhets suktande ögonkast:)  Ljuvt ljust feminint rosa decor och härliga detaljer som tex hyllan fylld med läckra nagellack. Några andra detaljer som fångade mitt öga är säng lamporna med fot likt trädgrenar. Det slår mig att det egentligen krävs ganska lite för att göra ett hem sådär personligt och unikt.




Antique chair, new design table…just how Maria likes it:)

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Jag kommer börja med dagens decor crush som en röd tråd i inredningsvis. Därför att jag vill dela med mig till er av de hem mitt hjärta slår ett slag extra för.

Vad gillar ni hemma-hos repotage?? Om ni gör det, har ni någon favorit??


Decor crush of the day

By running an interior design blog, I am lucky enough to see beautiful homes of creative people every day. This bedroom was a decor crush at first sight for me :) Light and feminine pink decor and lovely details such as the shelf filled with nail polish. Other details that caught my eye are the bed lamps with feet like tree roots. It strikes me that really not much is needed to make a home personal and unique.

The decor crush of the day is going to be a recurring theme here at inredningsvis, because I want to share with you the homes that make my heart skip a beat.

What are you into when it comes to home reporting? What are your favourites?




Inom inredning älskar jag blandningen av gammalt och nytt, historia gifter sig med nutid, vulgoromantik möter modern stilrenhet. Utöver detta har jag en stor passion för frasiga sidentyger, mörk choklad och långa bad med en doft av lavendel.


  1. Oh Maria, this is beautiful. My life tends to be a little bit cluttered so I LOVE IT when I see a room that is beautifully organized.

  2. Ooh, I love that it’s oh so pretty – love the dreamy colour palette.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment :) I’m definitely going to return the favour, your blog is wonderful x

  3. Pretty pictures…full of sweetness and tenderness! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. So do I with yours….I find it really interesting and relaxing.
    Have a nice week,

    • maria Reply

      thank you once again:) Im so happy that you follow me every day Lilli. Big LOVE

  4. Lovely interiors. So neat and organized. Maria, I nominated/awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. It published on my blog today.

    • maria Reply

      AWW thank you so much..that really made my it made my month:) LOVE

  5. I love the idea of a regular decor crush post, especially if they are all as beautiful as this one.

    I’m a new follower. :-)

  6. Julia Bradbury Reply

    Hello my dear,thank you for your kind comment on my blog,I like your blog and we should follow each other via ”bloglovin”

  7. thats really beautiful~! get crush on it too
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?

  8. Maria! Congratulations on your Liebster nomination! You absolutely deserve it! And…I was nominated, too. Cheers to us!

    • maria Reply

      AWWW thank you so much…It really makes it all worthwhile with the blog:) LOVE

  9. Love your blog! Great posts and pictures. I am glad you are following the Little Kitchen and I will definitely keep following yours.

  10. I love it all!! If only I could convince my husband to go along with such girly decor :-)

    • maria Reply

      You should tell him to get some more pink in his life…Its not gay Its AWESOME :) xo

  11. I’ll take the third nail varnish from the second row, right?

  12. wow questa camera è di un’eleganza unica!! Quanti spunti graziosissimi :) Adoro quei cuscini morbidissimi e il bunting !!
    un bacione
    a presto!! Elly

  13. This is a gorgeous post, dear Maria!
    Thank you so much for visiting me…I think for now I need to keep things simple, and stay with the blogger and Pinterest.
    Have a beautiful day!
    – Irina

  14. I love that chair! It’s all so stunning, and such marvellous inspiration! Thanks! xxoo Hope you have a lovely week dear. /Mads

  15. Thank you so much for following me and for your nice comment! It is a great pleasure for me to follow you and your great blog (your posts are really inspiring, I’m happy to read also the previous ones!) back on Bloglovin (I’m sorry that I am not present on the other paltforms, otherwise I’d follow you there, too!!). Thanks again and see you soon!

    Laura Mint

  16. If I could use one word to describe all these fabulous images…I would be screwed! Because they are just too lovely for words! Totally dying over that last image with the silver accented chair. PERFECTION.

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