Colorful teacups with spring vibes from Indiska

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here in Gothenburg we almost drowned in all the snow that came from nowhere:( and the snow is a liiiitle too late after Christmas. No, now we want SPRING butterflies and a warm sun, until that I offer you a hot cup of tea :)

I am a genuine teaohollic and I stand up for it! It must be the genuine real tea though, otherwise I refuse. Poor quality of tea is like a bad date, it is not worth the effort to go through hell :)

We are finally hedding towards brighter times and with that comes lots of colorful spring details in the stores. I have today chosen to focus on the amazing large tea cups from Indiska!


tekoppartekoppar tips


When it comes to teacups the size really matters, it should be a LARGE teacup that takes a lot of tea in it. What is more annoying than cafes that comes with a teacup in size of a ants penis ?? But still charge as if you are drinking tea from a barrel.

I love else to sit at home and drink my favo tea in the firelight, with the cat purring on my legs. In fact, I’ll take it over a raving night out anytime, HMMM am I becoming the crazy cat lady for real?

Total amount shall be the real thing, and size DOES matters!

At least when it comes to teacups :)


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