Christmas tree inspiration worth a million

When you surf around on Instagram you realize that there are as many styles of Christmas trees as there are people. It’s fun to see how different Christmas trees often reflect the personalities and the owner’s style in general. A simple decorated tree are often placed in a home with the same type of minimalistic decor. While a glam bling tree moves in with the prima donna who love fab Christmas partys and a Christmas with class all the luxury way.

I have here collected some of my personal Christmas tree inspiration from Instagram to get you in that Christmasy mood!

Christmas tree inspiration

julgranar inspiration

minijulgranar tips

Mini Christmas trees are SO cute :)

retro julgran

A retro styled Christmas rocks to :)

gammaldags julgran

A classic Swedish Christmas tree can never go wrong!

amerikansk julgran

Sll cats want to rock that tree in to pieces in their silent mind!

vita julgranar

Im dreaming of a white Christmas theme !

julgran inspiration

Christmas tree inspiration

My own Christmas tree above from last year AND can you read my personality by the look of it ?? :)

Good look with your choice and I hope you liked my little insta !


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