Christmas is a children’s festival, and thus it is high time for children to take centre stage at inredningsvis. What little (or big :) girl hasn’t dreamed of being a beautiful princess, and kissing her prince charming, and winning the kingdom?

When I was little, fairytale dreams went a little too far as I stole my Mum’s beautiful lace curtains from the linen closet to use as my princess veil. Proud, I wandered around wearing my veil/curtain through the garden, which I pretended was an enchanted Narnia land. However, there was no happy-fairy-tail ending when Mum got to see her former lace curtains looking like a sack of muddy potatoes :)

Here are some Christmas gift ideas from the masquerade professionals Let yourself become spellbound in a magical fairy land…


Exquisite pink t-shirt with trendy skull and crossbones by AND if I had had that real princess veil as a child, my mother would’ve been two lace curtains richer :)


Some things in life are just too cute for words :)

fantasi inredning

Every fairytale princess’ DREAM bed from



Just like two little mini-Marie Antoinettes :)


Adorable angel wings…the perfect Christmas gift for every little angel :)


Are you looking the perfect gift shop for kids? Then you MUST visit They have everything to satisfy the imaginations of children. Better gifts for kids are hard to come by. What could be more delightful than to dress up and play a tough super hero or a fairy tale figure, if only for a day. Fantasikompaniet have a great range and low prices. The company says…

“With dress up, we create creativity and harmony in everyday life, school, and home.”

Since childhood I have always loved dreaming away from grey reality, and fantasizing about distant mysterious places. really has it all when it comes to fancy dress. Even toys are on their Christmas menu. I myself am SOLD on the sweet angelic wings and they are just absolutely perfect for all little angels now going to Christmas parties.

Deep within us there is the inner child – embrace it and let life play :)





Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Vilken fin inspiration! Min lilla tjej är lite för liten än men jag antar att prinsesstiden kommer och då ska hon få en riktig slöja!


  2. Hihi, ler åt dig och spetsgardinerna :).

    En massa härliga bilder visar du, tack för tipsen, ska kollas upp! /Jennifer

  3. Vilka fina bilder och ett underbart barndomsminne med din mammas fina spetsgardiner (iaf för dig kanske inte för din mamma ;)
    Nu har jag lagt till en ikon i min sidomeny så att man enkelt kan klicka sig vidare och följa mig genom bloglovin – är inte så high tech på det där med design men det är bra att någon ibland kommenterar så man får lite nytt fixat på sidan ;)

    Kram Ullis

    • AWW tack så hemskt mycket och vad kul jag kunde inspirera till att skaffa BL:) LOVE

  4. Vad mycket fint!!

    Tycker din historia om din mammas spetsgardiner var söt ;)

    Kram och tack för din rara hälsning!


  5. Tack för titten hos mig ,jätteroligt
    Vem har inte viljat vara prinsessa i de fina kläderna
    Roligt med mammas gardiner,min mor hade sin brudklänning kvar med massor av tyll, men som tur var var jag aldrig ute i den
    Ha en riktigt skön fredag

    • haha nej då hade hon nog blivit lack:) tacks så hemskt mycket för fina ord:) LOVE

  6. I have to say it, I don`t like when my hidden alien side kills the long comment I wrote, and the back button does not lead to it. So, lets try it again. check box ticked!

    (I yammered about me loving the princess dressess from early ages, never was interested in wedding dresses but, royal gowns, there you have it!)

    Skipping to the important part: I am so very sorry for being a bad blogger, and not visiting/replying to your posts and comments. But I am forever grateful for your sewwt and warm comments you left me. I hope you forgive me my bad blogging habits.

    till next time :)

    • Its ok you follow me when you have the time dear:) I wih you a wonderful week:) xo

  7. Tack för din kommentar hos mig:-)

    Oj vad mycket söta klänningar. Mina tjejer är för stora nu, men oj vad de bodde i sina prinsessklänningar i dagisåldern:-)

  8. Awww super cute!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would love to follow each other. I didn’t see you on my readers list. Let me know how you followed and I’ll do the same back! :)

    xo – Sheila

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