At this time of year we are brain washed by Christmas tip for him, her and the kids. But the category we often forget about is the gifts for our cute little pets. Our little hairy loyal companions really deserve a nice Christmas gift thats for sure. Our pets are always there no matter what, in all our sorrows, all our problems and they only provide unconditional pure joy,happiness and love. It’s more than I can say for most people :)

This post is therefore a Christmas gift for pets special. With strong focus on cats cause I have cats myself and I AM The original crazy cat woman!

Christmas gifts for pets

husdjur julklappar tipsjulklappar husdjur

All the products above are only available in Sweden!

julklappstips husdjur

Christmas gifts for pets

My two cute cats has got a new solver pillar as a pet Christmas gift that they LOVE IT!

There you have some beautiful Christmas gifts for pets tips and I promise that they all will wag their tails and make meow in a singing celebration as thanks:)

Merry Meow Christmas!



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