Christmas Decor 2013

The traditional red colour of the Christmas season has begun to fade in our homes here in the Nordic countries. Taking over is a Winter trend with black and white and fur – I like it… however it’s even better with some gold details mixed in. My Christmas decor here at home will be classy and luxurious a la Hollywood… all the way :)

Christmas Decor 2013


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Here is the new Christmas: Lots of fur with modern black and white decor, with warming candles in every corner. Hot or not? It’s a matter of taste and personal needs.

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Use lots of spruce and pine twigs in your Christmas decor. So simple yet so very naturally beautiful :)


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Modern designer furniture becomes Christmas-ified with a stylish woolly sheepskin.

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We’ll leave Santa to figure out what the dog of the house thinks of this new, clean Christmas decor :)


Things did not look like this when I was a child growing up in the country. We had a classic Swedish Christmas with traditional Swedish Christmas decor.

Of course it was a cozy and rustic Christmas but I knew that I would have slightly more stripped down and minimalistic Christmas decor when I grew up. However, I was not allowed to express my thoughts about the Christmas decor in the country when I was younger as my mother defended the evil-looking little Christmas gnomes with her rolling pin at the ready.

Christmas decor from nature

Nothing is really right or wrong regarding Christmas decorations. You should simply follow your heart. However, please don’t succumb to cheap knick-knacks and plastic junk from “Made in X-Country.”

The thing is that I think hand-picked pine branches are true to Christmas in all its simplicity. Spread just a few small green pine branches around white pillar candles, or hanging some by the fireplace. Sometimes the easiest and most natural decorations are the most beautiful. Whatever Christmas decor you decide on, I hope that it will be warm and cozy :)

Which Christmas decor do you like the best: classic Christmas red or modern black and white?



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