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Visit Strömstad and south Koster island in less than 12 hours

I’m in love! In Strömstad and particularly in the AMAZING Koster islands. Me and one of my closest friends headed from Gothenburg by train to the city closest to Norway of them all, the tourist magnet Strömstad.

It was love that first sight as soon as I stepped off the train and I now get all the hype. The sugar sweet houses, the sea, the marina full with yachts, the many restaurants and the feeling of being more in the Mediterranean than in Sweden.

Are you going to Strömstad and want to know what you can do and see in less than a day, then this is the post for you!


strömstadströmstad resaatt göra i Strömstadströmstad restaurangerströmstad turism

Strömstad city!

With the sea and marina so close, you can not not love Strömstad. Its a Swedish pearl filled with cozy restaurants for all tastes, along the ocean promenade. Starving after the train ride, we dined at restaurant Piren 1 by the seaside where the tourist charter boats starts from. If you want to get a guided boat trip as a tourist, just to take one of the taxi boats that runs regularly from central Strömstad.

Then we headed to Strömstad tourist office and asked for the nearest bike rental. If you want to see Strömstad in a short time, my main tip is to rent a bike, it makes everything much easier. There are a lot of places you can visit around Stromstad like the seal safari, the Svinesund bridges over to Norway, the Alaska flower garden and so on.

We began to bike along Strömstads ocean promenade and suddenly the Koster ferry was right in front of us, heading out to the amazing Koster Islands. Destiny called and we left town to visit one of the Koster islands.

The best moments in life are those that are completely unplanned!

koster öar restips

The Koster islands are famous for the sunniest weather in Sweden! and they are right saying that :)

koster hotell

Hotel Koster has one of Swedens best ocean views!

koster att göra

By the feary you can rent the famous green Koster bikes AND its a must to bike around this island.

koster öar cyklar

The amazing south Koster island!

Another wonderful surprise was when we got off the boat on the island South Koster. This island is DA SHIT for me who loves to bike, and I have never in my life seen so many bikers gathered in one and the same place. On the other hand, I have never seen so many Norwegians on one and the same area in Sweden either :)

South Koster is beyond amazing and we biked around in a idyllic Swedish coastal landscape with cows, cute summer houses and the sea always close to enjoy. You can visit lots of art and flea markets along the way. In South Kosters small ICA store you can also get a small liquor selection.

koster trädgård

The Kosters gardens!

I love gardening and I there for had to make a stop at the Kosters gardens. This is just a fantastic little idyllic green place for all garden lovers. Spice plantations, freshly baked bread in a cute mini shop and a cozy garden café with cool shade are all available here. There is also a greenhouse where various artists exhibit their works. The Koster gardens are well worth a visit if you visit South Koster.

The Koster gardens led me also to reflect on how life should be on the summer. It should be in a place where the green nature gives the soul peace, where people smile and with the cooling sea to seak inspiration from.

att göra på kosteröarna

Its easy to find a personal spot to take a cooling swim in the ocean on the Koster island.

strömstad sydkoster

Strömstad travel tip

Yes our summer day in Stromstad and especially on South Koster is probably one of the best in my life so far. This is a place I want to explore and visit again and again.

I finish this travel post with some thoughtful words from an artist who has exhibited at the Koster gardens ….

Watch the world with an open mind and eyes – How do you really want to live? Your life is a precious life so be sure to treasure it while you have it.



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