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My divine glutenfree pizza recipe AND fast

You simpley MUST try my divine glutenfree pizza recipe before you die!

AND its fast to make also :)

Glutenfree pizza

glutenfri pizza

Glutenfree pizza recipe

4 gluten free round tortillas

1 small can sweetcorn

Tomato pesto

1 zucchini


Grated mozzarella

Herbs such as basil, rosemary, thyme etc.


Place tortilla bottoms on a baking tray and spread on a thin layer of the tomato pesto.

Slice the squash with a cheese slicer. Add the squash slices on the tortilla rounds and sprinkle over some corn. Spice the pizzas with with optional spices like basil and black pepper.

Finish by prinkle over feta cheese and the mozzarella.

You can of course use what ingrediences you want on the pizzas such as olives, shrimps, turkey etc.

Finally bake this divine gluten-free pizza in the oven on 250 degrees for about 6 minutes. Check them out all the time so they are not burning on the edges. When the cheese is melted the pizzas usually are ready baked.

Enjoy the divine pizza smell, and cut it into bite-sized pieces and just MMMMMMM!

glutenfri pizza recept

My pic of the pizzas before they went into the owen and later into my stomach :)

Glutenfree forever!


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