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Hot patterns from Ljungbergs Factory



Spice up that antique sofa with modern cushion patterns to get the perfect mix of old and new :)


pythagoras-webbshop-fram-bild (1)


Ljungbergs Factory bjuder på en massa sköna lyxiga tyger med moderna mönster från kända designers.

Ljungberg’s Factory offer a lot of comfortable luxury fabrics with modern patterns from famous designers



Exclusive linen wallpaper with the pattern ‘Salmiak’, by Nyström Persia, and fruit box by Stig Lindberg.


Renew the bedroom this Summer with modern graphic pattern designed by Stig Lindberg… available for purchase HERE


Graphical grey in the bedroom soothes and provides a sober impression.


Hot patterns from Ljungberg’s Factory

Now it’s time again for a tip about a really great webshop called This genuinely Swedish company dating back to the 1800s offers wonderful fabrics, bedding and wallpaper from several well-known Swedish designers. Their latest collaboration is with designers named Nyström Persia who contribute with a beautiful graphical fabric with a classic black and white pattern. Ljungbergs Swedish fabrics have been seen abroad, including an exhibition in New York.

Ljungbergs Factory’s products are all manufactured in Sweden for the best environmental choice. The environment is something that this fabric company cherish and work a lot to maintain. Inredningsvis gives Ljungberg’s Factory ten points for this, as we stand for everything that contributes to a cleaner, healthier climate here on Earth. Ljungberg’s Factory believe in quality and durability and say: “We at Ljungberg’s Factory want to offer our customers products that will last for generations, because we do not believe in the current throwaway culture.”

I hope you will be inspired to innovate at home, or why not sew a few new pillows and cushions for your outdoor furniture :) You can find all the luxury fabrics and wallpaper HERE

Have a great weekend!



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