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10 cute Christmas curtains on a budget

To do a full make over on your windows for Christmas makes HUGE difference! And it all starts with choosing the right kinda Christmas curtains. There are many different curtain styles and colors out there, but some of these curtians are def. cuter than others.

Here I list my 10 favorite Swedish Christmas curtains this year….enjoy!

Christmas curtains


1. These country style Christmas curtains come from


2. Deep red curtains, on a big budget also at


3. Stylish roman blinds from


4. Cool curtain with a Christmas tree on from


5-6 A golden glam light Christmas you will get with these curtains from HM.home


7-8 Classic Christmas feelings with these curtains from


9. Golden goodies from


10. An orient styled Christmas you will get with these golden/red curtains from


A Merry Christmas does not mean a fancy Christmas only for the rich and famous, no you can get a glam fab Christmas on a budget.

Keep it Christmas classy but not cash less!


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