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5 DIY tips for a glam balcony on a low budget

Spring and summer are perfect times for hanging out on the balcony! BUT balconies can be easily forgotten and end up looking like a mini garbage dump. Often, you might not want to add a lot of money to pimp the outdoor space either.

Inredningsvis there for shows you how to get a sick stylish balcony in no time AND cheap to!


balconybalkonginredning (2)balkongmattor

1. New start new, new rug

If you dont wanna paint the balcony or add a whole new balcony floor, then a new carpet is the best option. Take a look above and notice the BIG difference a balcony rug can do quickly and cheaply.

Do not get caught in that it MUST be a plastic carpet made for the outdoors. Experiment wildly with indoor carpets and fancy leather for a contemporary look. A small orient style rug can be like in the picture above, gorgeous and unexpectedly on a balcony.

balkonger inspirationbalkonger tipsbrickbord balkong

2 Use light neat furniture

To use easy removable light furniture on the balcony is worth a lot. A tray table is absolutely the best most elegant solution since they also can be used to carry out your coffee you on the balcony.

Moroccan styled tables are SO perfect for a cozy balcony and easy to move away to:)

balkong före efterbalkonginredning kuddar

3 New fabrics makes a big difference

This is probably the fastest way to get a nice cozy balcony quickly and cheaply. Some nice cushions on the right chair or sofa makes all the difference. If you have an ugly balcony wall, why not put up a cute curtain and get a cozy orient feeling. If the weather suddenslu sucks well just hang the curtains inside and put them back when the storm is over.

Stylish cheap pillows perfect for the balcony youll find HERE

balkongbänkarbalkonginredning billigt

4. Smart mobile decor

Smart furniture which can be used in many different ways is the best for a small balcony. A movable shelf can be used as a shelf for plants but also as a relief for drinks at parties. A little drink trolley is super smart when it easily to move around to different needs.

A balcony bench as the IKEA bench above can be used both as a seat but also turn into tables if necessary. All cheap fabulous balcony furniture above are from the masters of smart furniture Ikea:)

balkonghyllorbalkonger belysning

5. Highlight the summer partys

Last but not least, I can really recommend you to use different lightings on the balcony. Let the lights wonder around the plants and on the walls for a mysterious cozy feel.

Floor lamps and lanterns are also wonderful to brighten chilly summer evenings. Let the balcony come to light life and let the party begin when the darkness falls.



There you have it my ultimate guide how you easy and inexpensive can pimp balconies this summer / autumn. Then its just to uncork the champagne and put on your fav. music, and party with no ending :)

Life is too short for a boring balcony!



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