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6 cheap nightstands your small bedroom craves

How many of us lives with a small bedroom…hand up! Big clumsy furniture will make your small bedroom look even smaller. No here you must choose the right light furniture for a more open and stylish space.

Miss Inredningsvis here give you 6 multitasking nightstands your small bedrom desires!

Small bedroom


To use a ottoman as a nightstand gives the bedroom that luxurius hotel vibe!

sängbord litet sovrum

This is a real great DIY project! Just saw a rustic wood plank to the right length and nail a shelf to the plank in the right chosen hight.

litet sovrum

Mulitasking furniture are HOT STUFF right now! and wich furniture ar better to use in more than just one way, than a chair.

gör det själv

Here they have used an old wooden box and pu weels on it. A cute, smart and odd sulotion for a bedside table.


To use light small shelfs as nighstands are the perfect sulotion fo a small space. They safe space where the table legs other wise would have been.


hylla sovrum

litet sovrum tips

In Sweden we LOVE our little stool! The stool are one multitasking piece of furniture and it fits perfectly as a nightstand.

sängbord tips

Small bedroom tips

There you have it and I promise you that you will be as happy as your small bedroom if you use these tips above.

Live small but dream BIG!


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