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How to: 7 easter eggs too cute to eat

I loved making Easter crafts children and especially to paint your own Easter eggs. There are a plenty of delicious colorful Easter eggs out there. The mass-produced Easter eggs at the store are boring. Here I have therefore chosen the best unique eggs that are guaranteed to give a colorful Easter.

Easter is not to secure it is to revel and feast.

Here are some cute easter eggs the Easter Bunny himself would like to have given birth to :)

påsk inspiration 6

Easter Egg inspiration

1. Easter eggs with natural colors

To color Easter eggs with natural colors are becoming more ‘trendy. Beetroot is then at its best let the egg lie in rödbetsspad a while. How long depends on whether you want to have pink or dark red Easter eggs.

Some other vegetables that provide beautiful natural colored Easter eggs:

Blue – red cabbage
Purple – Blueberry
Pink – beetroot juice
Yellow – the shell of onion
Brown coffee powder
Light green – birch leaves
Yellow-brown – the shell of red onion

Mix of course each vegetable with a little water and then dip the eggs into it. A perfect choice for environmental thinking :)

påskpynt billigt

2. Pastel colored Easter Eggs

Here you go wild with pastel colors when painting the easter eggs. Use water colors and mix until you get the pastel shade that you want. Splash then lightly brush over each egg so it becomes a natural pattern.

That is what is so wonderful with Easter decorations that you get rock out with colors and become a child again :)

påskdukning billigt

3. Eggs at tableware

See how stylish it is to use boiled eggs nameplate on the guest plate. paint the easter eggs in pretty pastels and then draw each guest’s name with gold or silver pen.

Simple Tips for Easter table setting and guaranteed, budget :)

påsk 3

4. Flowering Easter eggs

Putting flowers in egg becomes a very nice Easter decorations and cheap :)

Do cautiously hole in the top of the eggs with ex. any sharp knife and stabs then in any flower. Vary with the spring all the little buds and why not gold color eggs on the image

påskpynt göra

5. Easter egg as greenhouses

Put small plane bulkhead in soil-filled natural undyed eggs. Perfectly suited for cuttings and see how cute they are when they show them on Easter on the window sill.

påskägg tips

6. Eggs with a painted face

Drawing crazy faces on Easter egg is probably the funniest pysslet for children. The only thing required is some good markers and creatively mischievous disposition.

påskpynt online

A mustache can never go wrong not even on a egg head :)

påsk inspirationpåskägg guld


7. Glam pimped Eggs

For a more Glamorgan fab. Easter gold must be added to the easter decorations.

Use ordinary boiled eggs either colored or not. Then paint designs with glitter pen available in hobby shops. Or put glue at half the egg. Then dipped it in glorious gold colored sprinkles or torn gold foil.


8. Easter eggs in luscious chocolate

MMMMM I say that true chocolate addict. I do not think Easter is the time the eggs are chocolate’s time anyway for me :)

Make small chocolate eggs by example. marzipan and nougat. Then use a finpipad icing piping bag and pipe the eggs in fun electives pattern with white icing. This gives the Easter table setting where the rocking feeling of I-have-done-it-completely-myself. And you can proudly show your hand made goodies to friends BUT eat it yourself :)

påskägg måla

9. Easter eggs in black and white

I know there are many out there who like black and white, so you get a bit colorless inspiration here, although I myself do not like it :)

påskägg påsk

10. Easter Eggs with fun colors on the table

How many easter eggs are eaten every year? nobody knows for sure. One thing is clear that it can look pretty damn boring out with just a few pale eggs on a serving dish. Here is a brilliant idea on how to bring color to the easter table setting.

How to: Use non-toxic food coloring to desired shades that ye drops in several glass. Dip the egg halfs in the liquid until the color is withdrawn. Voila its just to fill the Easter eggs and see what a lovely color the Easter table setting immediately got :)

påsk 5

Vote for a more colorful Easter :)

My friend and former blog partner Jon from New Zealand knew nothing about Easter eggs when he came to Sweden. The first Easter egg he gave me was therefore nicely wrapped in plastic and totally EMPTY haha. He had totally missed that we filled our eggs with candy.

Quite honestly, I had come from another country and seen all the crazy traditions we have, I would have thought we were ready for the madhouse all of us:)

What is your experience of Easter eggs got some ugly or funny eggs ???


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