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8 fab ways how to Christmas decorate pine branches

I LOVE to Christmas decorate with pine branches and natural twigs! I used to do that even as a child where i grow up in the countryside here in Sweden. I went into the forest before Christmas and came back with tons of greens. Inside i then like a magic ferry spread that natural green magic all over the house.

Sometimes the very easiest ways to Christmas decorate is just the most beautiful!

Christmas decorate


Christmas decorate with greens on the lamp!


On the bathroom mirror!


Above the bed!

BUT be sure not get it IN bed :)


Above the door for that Christmas cozy feeling!


Above the open fireplace!

That Christmas decor above is from my own livingroom last Christmas:)


On the Christmas table!


Greenefy the kitchen!


And there you have it! as you see its VERY esay AND cheap to get a Christmas cozy home. Just go into the woods cut some green branches and decorate your own styled way.

Green Christmas rocks!


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