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Hällsnas conference centre: Hotel inspiration

Last weekend, team inredningsvis travelled to Hällsnäs Hotel and Conference Centre, in Mölnlycke, just outside of Gothenburg. This fantastic property has its roots in the 19th century and is a luxury hotel, conference centre, and popular wedding and function centre. Here is a small sampling of Hällsnäs…


Pathway up to the manor house.

1 hallsnas fasad

Hällsnäs manor – facade.

2 hallsnas reception

3 hallsnas sovrum

The two bedrooms in our lakeside cottage, that looked like…

4 grisstugan

…this :)

5 hallsnas dopp

Heated plunge pools at the cool lake.

6 hallsnas panorama

View from the manor gardens overlooking Lake Landvetter.

7 hallsnas djur ute

8 hallsnas sjo utsikt

Clean, blue water. Green trees. Fresh air. Just how life should be :)

9 hallsnas mat

The food at Hällsnäs is exquisite!

10 hallsnas paraply

99 hallsnas fasad


Hällnäs hotel & conference centre is nestled in greenery, surrounded by the idyllic Landvetter Lake. Hällsnäs offer various types of accommodation, including lovely little cottages right next to the lake with beautiful views. Hällsnäs is also very popular for business conferences and weddings. When we visited Hällsnäs we witnessed a wedding close up. It was so incredibly beautiful and romantic and we hope the couple live happily ever after :)

If you visit Gothenburg this Summer, we can warmly recommend a visit to beautiful Hällsnäs. The accommodation is superb, the service good and the food is simply wonderful.

Hällsnäs themselves say… “We look forward to pampering you… let us touch all of your senses!”

Team Inredningsvis was certainly impressed and we will definitely go back to Hällnäs again :)

Have a lovely week, cuties!


hallsnas logga

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