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Bathroom decor from IKEA

IKEA are the masters of smart bathroom decor solutions. Through the years, they’ve had countless tips and ideas about improving and beautifying the bathroom, and spicing up old bathroom decor.

Here is a best-of collage of IKEA bathroom decor. Check it out, and be inspired :)

IKEA Bathroom decor


badrumsinredning Ikea

Ikea badrum

badrumsinredning svart

badrumsinredning grön

badrumsinredning marmor

badrumsinredning inspiration

ikea badrumsinredning

Hopefully these images will help you with inspiration if you’re planning a new bathroom. Remember, you don’t want an ugly bathroom that looks like it comes straight out of the classic thriller, The Shining, now do you? :)

What are your impressions of IKEA’s new bathroom decor?


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