Its time for me to invite you to my personal bedroom ! Today I will show how to make your bed at home to look like a hot hotel bed just FIVE minutes. Yeah you heard it right you can actually make a bed that fast. My bedroom was featured in a huge Swedish magazine who also wrote that I have the dream bedroom that everyone wants. Well when I wake up, it is far from a dream and believe me nobody wants it haha :)

How can you get a dream bedroom before the job and all morning stress then ?

I now reveal my secret how you the easiest way step by step can copy my style in the bedroom and FAST to !

Bedroom decor – fix the dream bed


The bedroom DREAM: This is how we want the bedroom to look like when we go outside the door in the morning. A classy hotel style of the bed and a bedroom decorated in full balance.


REALITY: The bed looks like a world war and a UFO has crashed at the same time. They’re talking about the hotel style but your bed rather looks like HELL-style.

Who have time to make a stylish bed when the kids wants breakfast, the cat wants to go out and the porridge boiling over?

Do not despair: To make a stylish bed is ridiculously simple, but first you must purchase some stuff to the bedroom to fix the style.

Checklist bedroom decor

2 jumbo pillows being right at the back against the headboard. My two big ones is from Hm home.

2 pillows with white pillow cases in regular medium size.

2 small pillows ca. 40 × 40 in a delicious accent color that matches the rest of the bedroom decor.

1 bedspread for double bed in a neutral color, I have a white from Ellos. AND most important is to buy a big coat plaid throw casually over the bed the last.

You can make this style without a headboard but I recommend you to fix a big glam headboard, it makes the whole glam hotel feeling we want.


WHAT TO DO: begin to hang the two blankets and bedspread on the bedroom door, it facilitates.
Ist to add two quilts side by side on the length of an annoying unsightly gap in the middle, you can put blankets over the bed width. This gives the bed a more whole and uncluttered feel of the entire bedroom decor.

1. QUILTS: Add only one blanket at the bottom of the bed and let the bottom hang a bit off. Then take the second blanket and place it slightly overlapped on the first cover. The top quilt will be about half of the first layer, which is on the bottom.


säng (1)

4. THE CUSHIONS: Time now for the lovely cushions cause without them NO stylish bedroom! This is the funniest moment when the transformation is complete after all the cute pillows are in the right place.

Add there the two giant cushions in the back next to each other. Add then install the two medium sized cushions in front of the big ones. Add to finally get there the small cushions in front of the two medium ones.

The decor tip: Cut the pillows a little light in the middle to get the right luxurious cushion style :)


Bedroom decor

VOILA there you have it looking hotel style of ca. 5 min and what does not make a stylish bed anyway for our bedroom decor. Well, it takes some time to get into bed technology but soon it will go in only 5 minutes, I promise.

To make a professional bedding is like begin to date after having been single for a long time, in the beginning it goes slow but after a while its a 5 minutes piece of cake !

Good luck hotties :)



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Underbar bäddning! Älskar stilen! Är dock ingen sänggavelmänniska men det gör ingen skillnad. Min fråga till dig. Jag har också en massa kuddar men när jag ska lägga mig, slänger jag bara bort dem på golvet. Staplar du dina fint eller har du en plats för dem över natten? För mig är det rock’n’roll varje morgon att ta mig genom kuddregnet från natten innan.

    Förresten, du som gillar fina grejer och märkesprylar precis som jag.
    Jag har gått med i en undersökningssite där varje undersökning ger poäng att handla märkesvaror för. Allt från Kay Boyesen till Le Creuset kan man plocka ut för poängen. Det är helt gratis och man kan få ihop till så jäkla mycket fint. Hittade länken här där det finns mer att läsa om det. Rekommenderar starkt!

    • Tack :) jag är nyss singel så jag slänger bara över alla kuddar på andra sidan dubbelsängen när jag ska sova haha :) beträffande märken är jag ingen märkesslav alls och det är därför Inredningsvis nisch är Lyx till budgetpris ! LOVE M

  2. Ja men då ligger nog ja rätt bra till att bädda liknande . ( Kanske du sett under hemma hos mej katergorin ? ) Har oxå en sån gosig filt längst ner som gör att alla tycker sägnen se så inbjudande och go ut. hi hi ja tro nu inte jag bäddar var dag men kanske varannan ha ha men gillar de nya hotellkuddarna grå som ja gjort nyligen som du säger lite längst bak det blir bra =)

    fin fredag o start på helgen till dej o tack för du la till igen på instagram kram ullie

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