5 cheap Sun trips on a Budget

Are you looking for cheap Sun trips? The ongoing cost of living crisis has forced many people to forego their holidays and stay at home. However, sun holidays on a budget still exist and a trip abroad is often more affordable than a staycation. The cost of living is also lower in Greece, Spain and other sun destinations and then there’s the fact that you deserve a break in the sun!

But how should you book and where should you actually go?

5 cheap Sun trips

While holiday packages can sometimes offer decent value, they don’t always include the best hotels or flight schedules. This is why I always recommend booking flights and hotels directly. Skyscanner or Google Flights are often best for flights and Booking.com is a great place to filter through accommodation.

Now, let’s take a look at some nice suggestions for sun holidays on a budget.

1. BCL Levante Club & Spa Hotel – Benidorm, Spain

BCL Levante is an adults-only Spa Hotel near the centre of Benidorm in Spain. It’s an ideal spot for couples or friends to enjoy a cocktail by the pool. Flanked with beautiful palm-trees, the pool is immaculate and the surrounding area is especially chill. There is also much to do in the area and plenty of ways to keep active. The nearby beach provides access to golden sands and crystal blue waters which suit both water-skiing and snorkelling. Just down the road, you can find a long lineup of cafes, restaurants and bars but fantastic food and drinks are also available back at the hotel.

In fact, this swanky hotel is features an excellent restaurant along with a gym, bar and spa treatment centre. The three styles of room are nicely furnished and there is a sun facing terrace in each room. Every other modern convenience is also available and online ratings suggest BCL Levante Hotel is one of the most enticing options in terms of sun holidays on a budget in Spain.

2. The Lato Boutique – Crete, Greece

Greece is home to some of the most popular sun destinations in Europe and Crete is a popular spot for sun holidays on a budget. It’s true, places such as Santorini or Mykonos are often rather expensive but many bargains can be found in Crete and the lesser known islands. You will also find many of the same attractions including the quaint cubic houses, domed churches and lush gardens and the standard of hotels is just as impressive.

But where might you stay exactly?

The Lato Boutique is located on a quiet backstreet in Heraklion. This hotel is often recommended as one of the best value hotels in Crete. With Lions Square just a few minutes walk away, guests have easy access to all the bars and restaurants and attractions including Minoan Palace of Knossos. Lato Boutique has more than 70 rooms which offer a varying degree of comfort but even the most basic room is beautifully furnished. The interior is brightly decorated and the bathrooms are equipped with hot tubs and walk-in showers. Breakfast is also included at the Lato Boutique and the low nightly rate positions this hotel as one of the best sun holidays on a budget in Crete.

3. Cascadas Family Resort – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

It’s not often you hear Bulgaria and sun holiday mentioned in the same sentence. Sunny Beach is an increasingly popular holiday destination near Burgas Airport. There are many nearby restaurants, shops and bars and a stunning beach within walking distance of a hotel called Cascadas Resort.

Cascadas Family Resort features no less than 10 outdoor pools and 3 restaurants. There is also a steam bath and wellness centre on site and kids activities during the day. Each room has a private terrace and the quality of the decor is extremely high. You also have all the same features and nearby attractions that you might expect at another sun holiday hotel. These include a water park and theme park and daily tours of the local area. Indeed, Bulgaria might not be the best known hotspot but this stunning resort in Sunny Beach is extremely affordable and a great option for a sun holiday on a budget.

4. Queens Bay Hotel – Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos might look like a traditional holiday spot in Cyprus but this iconic island is also home to a rich history. The island is also dotted with old villages and wineries, while the weather is dependable year-round. As if that’s not enough, Paphos is blessed with endless lagoons, coves and stunning vistas and more than enough cafes, bars and restaurants in between.

In case you might be asking yourself, this lesser known island is still popular with tourists. This popularity has helped create a great tourist infrastructure in Paphos and one that keeps tourists coming every year. The price of food, drink and accommodation is also much less than other hotspots around Europe.

Queens Bay Hotel is a great example of a value-for-money hotel in Paphos. Situated in a quiet bay, the hotel features outdoor swimming pools, extensive gardens, tennis courts and sauna. All rooms are nicely furnished and he balconies offer some of the most incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea. Online reviews also glow for this hotel and if in doubt, check out the photos

5. Casa Almendro – Tuum, Mexico

It’s easy to rule out a trip to Mexico from Europe due to safety concerns and the pricey airfare. However, tourist areas are much safer than most people know and the country has a low cost of living. Mexico is dependable in terms of the sunshine and there are many local attractions. The standard of hotels is also high, while the cost is low and there are many sun-soaked beaches. While Tulum is not the cheapest place in Mexico, there are still bargains here.

For instance, Casa Almendro is a comfortable hotel located at the centre of Tulum. Some rooms come with a kitchenette and the garden area ensures a pleasant ambiance around the property. The Tulum Archaeological Site is just a few kilometres from the front door and all of the best cafes, bars and restaurants are also within walking distance. Sounds good right? It sounds even better when you consider rooms are often priced under $60 per night!

One more reason to choose Mexico for a sun holiday on a budget

$1 margarita’s on the beach!

Final Thoughts – Cheap sun trips

Let’s face it, ”staycations“ are often more expensive and nothing compares to a sun holiday abroad. Booking directly can save you money, while ensuring you get the exact hotels and flight schedule that you need. As for choosing where to go, lesser known destinations are always cheaper and the above options are located in places where the cost of living is low. Either way, a sun holiday is always worth it and the truth is, you deserve it!



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