Bathroom dreams for all

We all have differing tastes, and therefore tend to decorate kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms according to our own preferences. Isn’t it interesting though to think that many bathrooms all look the same? Why? Besides the fact that bathrooms must contain a toilet, shower or bathrub, and hand basin, we often don’t view our bathroom as a room where we can express our real tastes. We tend to stick to the accepted norms when it comes to bathroom decor.

The bathroom is generally seen as a workroom – somewhere for us to maintain good hygiene. But to really get the most out of your bathroom and WC, you should focus on what your the bathroom can really offer.





Bathroom dreams

A real bathroom dream for most people always has some hint of relaxation and cleanliness. Many people consider tiles and heated floors to increase the feeling of luxury. Two hand basins can be a great way of speeding up morning and evening routines. But a dream bathroom can be so much more. What makes you feel stimulated? What makes you feel relaxed? Is it form and colour? In that case maybe you’d like a bathroom with a large window and a view out over the town, or into the wilderness?

Of course, large windows are generally not a good idea in the middle of a city with neighbours peeping in, but if you live in the right location, a large window could be a ral bathroom dream come true. For others, a ceiling painting to stare at when relaxing in the bathtub can do the trick. If you prefer sound and music, why not install a stereo system so that you can meditate, or listen to audio books.

Basically, a bathroom dream for most people is all about relxation and enjoyment. What does your dream bathroom look like?

Have a great Sunday! :)

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