Bathroom decor from INR


A pink bathroom dream :)



badkar med tassar


Chrystal chandelier and mint colored walls, fit for a true bathroom queen :)


Miss inredningsvis fav. floor ala bathroom decor …LOVE :)


You probably already know that I am a true bathroom fanatic. That’s why I want to recommend one of my favourite bathroom companies, INR. They have a large variety of modern and classic decor and the bathtub is a wet dream for all bath addicts like myself :) I’ve chosen inspiration from a luxurious and romantic series. How hot are these pics with pink bathroom decor, antique chair and modern zebra shower?! Old and new you know…I LIKE :)

INR also have one of Sweden’s biggest selections of showers. If you want a lovely corner shower or a classical bath tub with claws it’s up to you. Everyone has a different taste in bathrooms and therefore it’s a good thing that INR exists. They give us bath nerds the chance to find our own perfect dream bathroom :)

Have a great day, cuties :)


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