Many are said to suffer from Autumn depression. I understand this in theory, as Winter is on its way. However in reality, Autumn can be one of the most beautiful times of the year. For example, if you’re out walking in the nature, it’s not difficult to become inspired to take some beautiful Autumn photos. When you learn to perceive Autumn as a beautiful time of the year with plenty of colours, Autumn depression doesn’t take hold quite as much.

I was free today and made the most of the opportunity for an Autumn walk in a forest and lake area outside of Gothenburg. It had been a while since I took any pictures, so it was fun to start again. These Autumn pictures were taken with the camera in my mobile phone (iPhone 4S) so the quality can’t be compared with an SLR. With that said, in the future I’ll be publishing an article with photography tips for mobile phone cameras. Until then, enjoy these Autumn images I took today. I hope that they help you see Autumn in a positive light :)

Autumn pictures

autumn pictures

autumn image


autumn photos

autumn leaves red yello


höst sverige


höst wallpaper

What do you think about Autumn?

Depressing or inspiring?


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  1. I love Autumn. I always feel so energized. And I love fall clothing..all those sweaters and boots. Such pretty pictures. I especially like the stone staircase.

  2. Wow Maria!!!
    Great pictures and beautiful Autumn colours!!!
    I love the lake picture!!So peaceful!!
    Have a happy Sunday!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Autumn can be really wonderful, it’s all in your mind, I think. If you’re enjoying life it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is – the world is always beautiful :)

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