I’m kick-starting this week at Inredningsvis with a little Advent inspiration.

I can’t get enough of beautiful and classy white advent stars and soon a beautiful new one will be adorning the living room window at home.

White stars for me mean for peace and freedom, and I think this is fitting at Christmas time. I hope you you will find your very own favourite Advent star in this post…

Advent stars and Christmas memories

This classic brass star is Christmas for me as I had it in the countryside where I grew up. My shining star saw many Christmases :)

My favorite Advent stars are a bit like Chanel: They never go out of style, are always classy and become more and more popular each year :)

Poinsettia aptly named “Smooth” looks lovely and is available at Ellos.se


The hottest trend among candles is not real candles, but fakes with batteries and LED lights. They aren’t a fire hazard and are perfect for large families with many children.


Aren’t they lovely these two Advent stars that resembles crispy snowflakes chose a clear frosty winter day :)

Black or white is the question: White ‘Nusnäs’ and classic black ‘Movitz’ – both from Ellos.

svensk inredningsblogg

I have selected all of the cozy stuff above from Ellos (no I’m not sponsored :) as I think they have the very best online Christmas selection. I wish you a cozy start to a new week and hope that all the stars will sparkle nicely in the windows during Advent weekend :)

Advent stars: Facts

Why does Sweden have Advents stars and Advent candles in the windows? Here is a little information about their history:

The Advent tradition – like most of Christmas rituals – was founded in the late 1800s. The Christian significance of Advent celebrations diminished during the 1900s, but despite this, the cultural significance of Advent actually increased. Since the 1960s, Swedish television has produced an advent calendar which is broadcast in connection with the first Sunday of Advent.

Advent Stars, also called poinsettias, hung in windows, were introduced during the 1930s. They became increasingly common in the postwar period. Advent candle holders were introduced towards the end of the 1800’s. The first electric advents candles came in the late 1930s. The electric candlestick is a derivative of the Swedish tradition of letting the candle burn in the windows to brighten up the road on the way home from church.

What do you like best: Advent stars or advent candles?



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Dear Maria, love both, either the Advent stars and candles. Is so nice to know more about the tradition from your country. All the stuff is magical and so enchanting. Have a great week, hugs and kisses! xo

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