8 unknown facts about Putin you need to know

Vladimir Putin is currently the most hated human being on planet earth, and there’s an
enormous list of reasons why. While we may already have an idea formed about the Russian
president, there are several facts that are mostly unknown or not publicly discussed about
Vladimir Putin.

Not only is he secretive about his life, but also, the Russian media is not even allowed to
publicly share a lot of information about him. Therefore, today we will discover 8 unknown facts
about Russian president Vladimir Putin.

1. Putin was a rebel growing up

While many people still think Vladimir Putin has become Russia’s number one man through
influence and money, the reality couldn’t be any different. Putin grew up poor, and his family
struggled, which made him a rebellious kid. He would often get into fights with other kids in the
neighborhood, and it wasn’t until he started taking judo lessons that he got away from the

2. He loves Judo

One of the facts you may not know about Putin is that he is a devoted Judo fan. It has been his
favorite sport ever since growing up, and learning the sport has helped the young Puting to keep
out of trouble. Vladimir Putin even describes Judo as his first love.
He closely follows the sport, and is always eager to see Russian athletes competing at the
highest level in Judo.

3. Putin is a former KGB member

One public and well-known fact about Vladimir Putin is that he has been part of the KGB, or the
Russian CIA. The current Russian leader rose through the ranks of the agency to eventually
become the leader of his nation. While his past work as a KGB agent is mostly unknown, there
are several people that point to its many traits that confirm the fact.
One of the most common is that Putin always walks with his right hand close to his waist, which
other former CIA agents have said to be a trait of a highly trained intelligence operative.

4. Putin helped Americans after 9/11

While it may seem like the relationship between Russia and the United States could not be
worse now due to the war in Ukraine, the fact is that Russia and the US in the early 2000s had a
great relationship of cooperation and help. Putin was apparently the first foreign leader to call
George W. Bush following the terrible 9/11 terrorist attacks.
This marked a turning point in US-Russian relations, which even led Vladimir Putin to share
Russian intelligence with their American counterparts.

5. He tried to join NATO

Putin will forever be linked to the tragic Ukraine war, and that is an undeniable fact, but what
most people are unaware of is that NATO expansion is part of the problem. While it may seem
like Russia wants to confront NATO, the fact is that Vladimir Putin tried to make amends with the
American government in 2000 and even asked president Bill Clinton for Russia to join NATO.
This may seem like one of the most unbelievable facts on this list, but a simple yes to that
question could have prevented a whole conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

6. Loves The Beatles

While it may seem like Putin completely hates Western countries, their culture, and traditions,
that is not the truth. Who would believe it if you told them that Putin is a huge fan of The
Beatles?! That’s right, everyone would think you are insane. But the fact is that the Russian
leader has been a Beatles fan for a long, long time, and his favorite song is “Yesterday.”

7. He bought his girlfriend a mansion

For a long time, it has been rumored that Vladimir Putin is in a relationship with Alina Kabaeva,
and it is believed that the Russian gymnast has a taste for the high life. Recent news has
emerged that Putin is buying properties for its beloved Alina and their children, including a
luxury mansion where the couple lives with their children.

8. He has a daughter that nobody has ever seen

Putin has been known for being extremely protective of his privacy and his private life. The
theory behind it is that any political opponents or western leaders that may want to harm him
would know how to take advantage of his family. One of the most widely known rumors about

Putin is that he has a daughter with his ex-wife. But the fact is that nobody can really confirm
this information because there is no evidence to prove he actually has children.
There are no photos online of his daughter or any of his children, which has led many to
question why he is so secretive about his personal life.

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