This week I have dedicated to the wonderful Easter. It’s Easter decorations for every penny, and tips on how you can celebrate Easter on a budget, and make nice simple Easter decorations. For many people great stress sest in before major holidays, and you try to be as perfect as possible.

Get out of the perfection bubble and ask yourself what you want to get out of Easter? more stress than usual? no, nothing will be fun if you’re sitting dead tired, burned out with nausea at the easter table.

Just do simple things for the Easter table setting and almost every Easter craft already exists in nature. To pick moss and twigs in the forest is also deeply grounding and relaxing :)

Here are Inredningsvis Easter decorations special and they will garanted rock your Easter table setting :)

påskpynt bord

Easter decoration and easter table settings

påskpynt gult

1. Easter Decorate with yellow

We kick start Easter decorations specialty with our dear daffodil. No one is more used and loved than this little yellow spring flower. Easter is the yellow too many so what better than yellow flowers.

You can use daffodils and other yellow flowers in many ways in the Easter table setting. Here we see some examples and the old wooden box adorned Easter is probably just absolutely wonderful.

TIP: I usually mix Easter decorations with daffodils , it’s very nice and cheap. The fact is that it is free from the forest are often the most beautiful thing on Easter :)

påsk inspiration5

2. Easter Decoration – branches and natural materials

This is the finest, easiest and additionally completely FREE. Insert the twigs all around where you think it fits. Nicely is to take a big blue Chinese urn and scoop on the twigs and yellow daffodils.

One gets tired of the rice can always throw it on Easter fire, or build a Witch’s easter broom and fly away and party with the devil :)

påskpynt lila

påskpynt online 2

3. Easter Tableware with tulips

At number two of the popular Easter flowers will tulip. A beautiful flower that is available in many beautiful colors.

Insert the tulips in open blown Easter eggs are beautifully on Easter table. Or make simple with exquisitely beautiful napkins with tulips and well chosen ribbon to tie around. Simple to make and yet so stylish and are a nice surprise for the guests.


4. Easter bunny napkin

To fold an Easter bunny napkin is not as complicated as you might think. Do you know the story of how the Easter Bunny came about? It is odd to say the least, among others were the Easter Bunny originally a bird that was transformed :)

Here you see how to step by step fold a napkin into an Easter bunny. A guaranteed hit at all Easter tables wherever they may be.

påskpynt rosa

5. Odd creative Easter decorations

Exit the framework and unleash your creativity. Here we have used an old postcard that have been cut into a beautiful Easter bird. One can imagine that it would be cute with a cut out the Easter bunny in the same way.

Use colored jam and an egg with guests’ initials on, guaranteed unexpected and playful :)

påsk vår

6. Butterfly Decoration

My absolute favorites are the butterflies and they are also good as Easter decorations. What is more than these beautiful little insects. Buy butterflies in different colors or gold and spread them all over the Easter table.

They’re also very nice in Easter decorations with everything else Easter decorations and Easter feathers. Simple, cheap, fast – the Inredningsvis motto :)

påskägg köpa

7. Egg easter decorations

Eggs are most visible at Easter and so much you can do with these little eatable things. Try to think outside the box and the eggs do not always just lie nicely in a basket. No spread some Easter eggs on odd and unexpected places back home. Use the Easter eggs as small pots for spring flowers.

Here they have even added Easter eggs in small cute coffee cups, sweet and worth copying :)

påskdukning inspiration

8. Easter decorate with gold and glass

Here we see the first class table setting with golden Easter decorations and smart ways to decorate with Easter eggs. Put them in glass candle holders in various lengths. Provides a modern and very stylish Easter table setting and once again CHEAP :)

To decorate with golden details for Easter is also very nice and fits great to vitdukat table.

påskdukning enkel

There you have some Easter decorations to copy and hope you like them. As you can see, you do not buy lots of new things every darn major holiday for it to be fine. Pick from nature and recycled instead completely free. It serves both your stressed stomach and wallet :)

Remember Easter’ll va a time to unleash your creativity and once again have FUN.

What is your favorite Easter decorations ??



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. hello there in Sweden,ciao Maria…nice post so colourful and so beautiful Easter decorations…Lovely!

  2. Skälvklart ska man ha påskpynt det är mysigt
    risken är ju ofta att man jobbar o sen pyntar o sitter där precis slut så är det ofta.
    Jodå startade me ledig dag så skönt men i morgon i gen är det dax.
    hoppas din vecka blir bra oxå kram

  3. sv: Åh så roligt att du blev ressugen av mina bilder:) Nu var det i och för sig några veckor sedan jag kom hem, men det har tagit emot att skriva om resan och gå igenom bilderna denna gången.

    Vilka fantastiska tips du kommer med. Tror jag ska försöka ge mig på att vika påskharar av servetter:)

  4. Jattefint! Jag kommer att var borta över påsk, så här blir ingen pyntning alls. Så kul att få se ditt pynt och din kreativitet!
    Ha det bra!

  5. Åh, så mycket härlig, rolig och fin inspiration till påsk! Det ska ju vara enkelt, annars blir det ju som sagt bara massa jobb och känns inget roligt alls…

    Kram Pernilla

  6. Jättebra tips på hur man kan pynta fint, fast måste erkänna att jag själv knappt pyntar överhuvudtaget och har definitivt inga stora middagar eller äggfester. Firar inte så värst mycket, egentligen. Njuter av ledigheten typ. :3

  7. Härliga påsk bilder! :)

    Sv: Ja men visst är det underskattat! Skulle bli otroligt glad att se fler hårsmycken. Super fint! :D

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