The Easter holiday is almost here and here thousands of Swedish Esater twigs will be decorated wildly! However, it may be dull and boring to decorate with the same boring Easter feathers each year. There are very many ways to spice up Easter decorations on which you often do not think of.

Miss Inredningsvis has there for put together a small cavalcade of creative classic Swedish Easter twigs….enjoy!

Easter twigs

easter twigs

1. Glam girly esater twigs in gold and pink!

This is totally my style of Easter decorations and its SO cute and delicious with pink Easter twigs. Mix the twigs with golden and pink interiors for a modern stylish Easter.

påskris vitt

2. Completely colorless and white Easter!

Here it is not very colorful and happy so be sure to decorate with several different white spring flowers, too to give the all-white Easter substance in the absence of color.


3. Easter upside down!

Why not hang twigs on the door in the picture above? smart, innovative and above all creative.

rosa påskris

4. Easter twigs on unexpected places!

Place a cute Easter twig in an unexpected place in the home. Above they have put it on a super nice pastel pallet. Notice that the pink feathers is perfectly matching the bedside table in the background.

Its all about the details!

påsk tipspåsk inspiration

5. The Scandinavian bright Easter!

It is often used alternative glass vases and jars to have that Scandinavian styled Easter decorations in. Last Christmas, I spoke about the Scandinavian Christmas when I wrote on Hemnet.

Now the hot stuff is the modern Scandinavian Easter that fit young homes with stylish minimalist decor perfectly.


klassisk påskpynt

6. Easter twigs in alternative vases!

Why always using regular glass vases for flowers and twigs? No go to the flea market or home to grandma and dig up an antique vase and use for Esater decorations. An old copper kettle or a beautiful antique Chinese urn can also do the trick for Easter decorations.

påsk 2

7. Match the Easter decorations in the interior!

Above they have chosen to match the vintage bohemian interior with twigs in the same style. Think about what colors you are using in the room in general, and then capture this when you choose Easter decorations.


påsk inspiration tips

Easter twigs

If you after all dont like having have feathers in twigs, you can always do like they do it in Finland and spank your booty with it in the sauna instead :)

Happy Esater twigs!




Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Veli-Pekka Mäntyharju Reply

    Well… sauna, what ells… Maria is something… happy easter. :)

  2. Så himla bra tips och jag älskar din underbara blogg :) Kram Maja

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