7 coolest AirBnb accommodations in the world

Everyone is probably tired of the Corona pandemic by now. Most of us dream away to the time when you could travel freely wherever you wanted. (Which was only a year ago, completely sick) The lack of social interactions and anxiety as well as the uncertainty makes most people just want to escape everyday life, away to other more exciting places. That’s what led me to write down this list of some of the world’s most exciting Airbnb sites. With the hope that when all this with Corona is over, then you can visit some of these places and finally enjoy life and freedom to the fullest.

Until then, let’s dream away to some of the coolest AirBnb accommodations you can stay at. And that is guaranteed to leave imprints, adrenaline kicks and memories for life.

The two guests who get to stay in Dracula Castle, get to sleep in these cozy chests! Does it feel attractive?

AirBnb in Dracula Castle – Transylvania

Dear travelers, welcome to Transylvania the land of Dracula. Who would have thought that you could ever spend a night in one of the most haunted places in the world – Dracula’s Castle. Most of the stories associated with Dracula, to say the least, give nightmares. In fact, this is supposed to be an Airbnb accommodation, but it does not look like it. Instead, it looks like a haunted place where the last thing you would do is book accommodation there. But Dracula Castle’s accommodation reviews are exceptional. And if there’s one thing daring and exciting you should do once in a lifetime, it is to spend a night in this haunted famous castle.

NOTE: You can only stay in Dracula Castle around Halloween. And now with Corona you can check the current info for the next opening the castle has. You can read more about AirBnb at Dracula’s castle HERE

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Idaho offers two of the most odd Airbnbs …….

A dog-style Airbnb is something that a few people find interesting. Thank goodness not
we all have the same taste. If you’re ever around Idaho, you must visit Dog
Bark Park. Especially if you like dogs and can not resist. Even cat people like me can not resist this cool doggystyle accommodation :)

Big Idaho Potato Hotel

If for some strange reason you do not like dogs but like potatoes. Then there is another great reason to check out this unique Airbnb accommodation. Idaho is known for producing a large amount of potatoes. Most of
we have already tried some of Idaho’s potatoes because they are available at McDonald’s. BUT what not many of us have tried is living INSIDE a potato house. YES! you heard right you can stay here in an AirBnb hotel completely shaped like a potato. Cool, odd and guaranteed a to do on the bucket list.

City’s Quetzalciatl’s Nest – Mexico

If dogs are not your thing but you instead happen to like snakes. Then you should visit Mexico
City’s Quetzalciatl’s Nest. A snake-shaped Airbnb that makes all reptile fans very happy. If
you want an exotic destination with one of the most creative Airbnbs to date, then go to

Elephant House – New Jersey

To end the animal-inspired Airbnb, we present you the Elephant House. In New Jersey,
where elephants are not even a common sight. It is possible to sleep in an Airbnb-shaped
like an elephant. While the design may not be to everyone’s taste, the view is

Underground Hygge

If you’re a Tolkien fan and really want to know what it’s like to be a hobbit. This underground
Hygge is the perfect place for that. Inspired by Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, this
seemingly simple residence, but has a great view. The rustic decor has a cozy medieval feel and should please the most discerning guests.

Snow Igloo in Pelkosenniemi, Finland

If you love snow instead of warm places and sun holidays. Then there is nothing like spending a night like in an ice glaze like a real Eskimo. Go over to Finland and get to know yourself for real. If you like adventure and exciting experiences, I definitely recommend trying this. You may even get the chance to see some mighty northern lights.

Inside the igloo, it is warm and perfect for relaxing after a hard day in the cold of the mountains. Why not have fun playing some online games on sites like Faster and win money for the next exciting holiday.

Sleep in an airplane – St Michel Chef Chef, France

If you miss traveling and the feeling of being in an airplane, THEN this is your Airbnb accommodation. Located in France this elegant and simple renovated aircraft. It can even give you the feeling that you are traveling without actually moving. A home for a real vagabond in other words.

You can almost hear the long-awaited words from the pilot, “This is your captain speaking we are going in for landing”

I hope you enjoyed reading this list I made of some of the most exciting and cool Airbnb accommodations. Remember to always be Corona safe when you travel, use a face mask everywhere in public and take coronatest before flight.

Never stop dreaming!

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