Top 6 Ikea furniture made for small homes

More and more new homes are built in Sweden and especially a lot more small homes. Never have there been so many small apartments in Stockholm and Gothenburg for students to fight over. No wonder that Ikea are investing in sveral smart small furnitures especially made for small spaces.


IKEA the uncrowned furniture king of good design solutions for small spaces!

Here’s my smoking hot top 6 list of the best small Ikea furniture made for small homes!

Ikea furniture

ikea furnitureikea råskog

1. Ikea RÅSKOG

The clever little trolley Råskog has three shelves to stow things on and wheels to move it around when you need to. It is also very slim and are therefore ideal for a small home. It is obvious also that Ikea hack by spray paint in a favorite color that matches the room in general.

Use it as a drink wagon (see above), as a book shelve, as a bedside table, or as all three at different times if you can not decide :)


ikea hyllorikea grundtal

2 Ikea Grundtal

Show me a small kitchen and I’ll show you a nervous chef desperate for some good kitchen drawers. BUT an alternative to boxes in the kitchen is a rail with hooks where you can hang up all kitchen tools and utensils. IKEA series Grundtal have a nice modern look and one can buy all kinds of accessories for it. Hooks, drying racks and caddies to hold cutlery are just a few.

Grundtal also works nicely as hangers for stylish fashion magazine or interior design magazines like the picture above proves :)

ikea trones skoskåp

3. Ikea Trones

This must be one of the smartest most functional little cabinets that has ever been invented!

Wall mounted storage is THE BEST for for all small spaces and Trones much more than just shoe storage. It is super slim in all angles so it fits perfectly anywhere. Trones as a shoe shelf is every little hallways rescuing knight in a stylish Ikea package.

ikea bekväm pall

4. Ikea bekväm

If you live in a small is a smart way to save space to store things high up. And if you are not three meters long, you will probably need a stepladder to get a hold of things. Ikea Bekväm is a useful stepladder, but this little guy also serves as an extra seat when gusets arriwe.

As the pictures above shows, you can also Ikea hack Bekväm and use it as a bedside or lamp table. A smart multifunctional little furniture in other words.

ikea pallarikea marius

5. Ikea Marius

Another smart little stol is Marius who also are on SALE at Ikea right now. When you live crowded and there will be guests an extra chair are gold worth. However, many regular chairs in a small space can be clumsy. Then little Marius works well at the table, and it can also be stacked on each other.

One can even Ikea hack Marius into a neat little side table, as the picture above shows!

ikea algot


6. Ikea Algot series

Last but certainly not least is Ikea’s smartest storage series Algot. Say something that you can not do with this storage? (Well not go to space with maybe :)

If you live small shelf sulotions is the best option for smart storage. Here Ikea’s Algot are the smartest thing you can get and it can be altered and used in a thousand decor ways. You can build a Algot dresser or a desk, or use Algot anywhere where you have a small wall space. Or use Algot as a smart open clothes storage in a small bedroom where bulky closets do not fit in.

I’m going to buy Algots flexible shoe system to my walk-in closet :)


ikea möbler billigt

Ikea furniture

I hope you received tips and see Ikea furniture in a whole new way now. You can do everything with them and you are tired of their appearance, just pimp them. If you live small it takes every trick in the book to make it look bigger. Ikea are masters of getting small home look a little fancier, bigger and smarter decorated.

Big dreams start with smart decor!



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