6 home decor tips for a hot Autumn wardrobe

Right now before a new season begins, it’s time for the Summer clothes to make way for new Autumn outfits. And why not at the same time do an extreme closet make over :)

Begin by throwing away all of the old things you no longer need, and make way for the things you really want. Have a look at your wardrobe: What do you need to change? Often, it’s just a matter of some small changes to make all the difference. Here are my tips for wardrobe décor:


I would love to have my skeletons in this pink wet dream closet :)






1. Start with a colourful carpet. This adds a feeling of luxury and brightens up a grey working day. Shades of pink and lilac are hot this Autumn. Don’t be afraid of making sweeping changes – you’ll be glad you did :)

2. Smart storage with clothes on two levels makes room for other things. A specially mounted shoe shelf gives you room for new Autumn shoes. Gym shoes in their own plastic box – simple and effective.

3. Mix old and new, for example an old 1970’s mirror with new IKEA wardrobe décor

4. Take care of smaller details, for example, wrap leather around your clothes rail.

5. Make the most of all your spaces, for example pull-out storage for pants and shoes.

6. Go wild in the closet :) Why not use a weird and wonderful antique piece of furniture in the closet?

Painting or wallpapering can also make a big difference in the closet. It’s up to you if you want to go crazy with patterns and the like. Use a few spotligts in the ceiling for the right light setting and voila…your wardrobe in a whole new light :)

I hope that these tips have given you inspiration to invite the new and wonderful Autumn season into your wardrobe!


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