Most of us do not live in gigantic Hollywood homes that are showed widely in the media! In fact more and more people live in a small space and with a small living room. Where bulky rectangular coffee tables alá 80ies simpley does not fit. No to decorate a small room with large furniture steals even more of the already small space.

The best solution is to choose slim, lightweight small coffee tables. Here are six variants of the small coffee table that magnifies a small living room, as if by magic!

Coffee tables

förstora litet vardagsrum

1 Round coffee tables all rooms look WAY bigger

This is the ultimate piece of furniture to make any room look bigger. The round shape without table legs that take up space is ideal for a small living room. Is the table both low and round shaped its twice as powerfull for making a little rom look bigger.

And why not play around and decorate with 2 small round coffee tables, like on the picture above.

Round tables also makes a small kitchen look big, so all reasons to use round shapes in the decoration!

runda billiga soffbord

These 3 fab coffe tables comes from the Swedish stores Furniturebox IKEA and Chilli

låga soffbord

Keep it low lean and simple!

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2 Keep a low profile

Low coffee tables is a top trick to not reduce the living room space more. It also adds a more luxurious lounge feeling to the decor. If you like a coffee table in the store that has legs but you want it to be way lower. Buy it measure your table legs to how short you want them, and simply cut of the legs. Voila, you have your dream coffee table and at the right desired height to.

NOTE: The contrast very high sofa and low coffee tables does NOT work, so be sure to match all the furniture.

soffbord glas

A glass coffee table makes everything look bigger cause its transparent and light.

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3 Glass tables rocks the room

To bet on a coffee table in glass is not only stylish, it is smart too. The glass magnifies because you see other decor through it. In some cases, the glass table almost disappears so you can barely see it in the room. Sure it may not be the most practical piece of furniture but sometimes vanity simpley must come first.

småbord vardagsrum

4 Double Trouble

To use two small coffee tables beside each other is wery hot right now! It gives the room a sense of more space and an exciting fresh impression. If you have a really small living room, it can sometimes be a good idea to skip the coffee table completely. Use instead two small side tables next to the couch.

vardagsrum inredning

5 The little small square table

On lots of interior pages right now you will see those little square cuties. They are available in marble, black, white, yes you name it. A very smart choice for a small room and is suitable for fine arrangement on the table, like flowers and fancy books.

litet vardagsrum soffbord

6 Alternative furniture

Last but not the worst advice is to use an alternative furniture as coffee table. In the pictures you can see my coffee table in the shape of a pink little footstool that I once bought at Åhlens. Place a stylish tile or a glass plate above the stool to put decor details on.

Even old caskets can be very alluring as a coffee table. Or use the furniture we have seen most of the recent time, a pallet. A very stylish easy table variant is to make 4 stacks of fashion magazines such as table legs and add glass as a tabletop.

litet vardagsrum inredning

Coffee tables

There you have my best coffee table tips. Remember to have fun, play with the decor, move around things wildly. The worst thing that can go wrong is that you have to move everything back in its place again.

Small things can do great wonders!



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Bra tips!! Jag skulle gärna vilja veta bildkällan på no 1 för att kunna försöka finna dessa underbara små soffbord, eller vet du kanske var ifrån soffbordet kommer? ?

    • Hej och tack:) tyvärr inte då bilden är från Pinterest :( kan tänka mig att den är från en utländsk sida från början. XO

  2. Så jättebra tips. Någon som vet var man kan hitta de två små borden från bild nr 4.? / anna

  3. SUUUPER TIPS! jag har nyss flyttat så detta var bara guda sänt :) Kram Marre

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