5 best tips before you buy a new mattress

Are you considering buying a new mattress topper? Then do not buy the first best mattress, just because it is cheap or something like that. Instead, take time to find the right mattress topper, as you will have it for a really long time. I myself prefer to test both mattresses and beds IRL in several stores, before I strike and buy. Read about different mattress materials and how they affect in different ways. And compare different price ranges on different mattresses and check mattress tips online.

That is also why I chose to do this guide, so here are 5 tips before buying a new bed mattress.

Buy a new mattress – 5 tips

When is it time to change the mattress?

When the old bed mattress begins to feel sunken and fails. You usually feel when a bed mattress does not provide the same support and comfort as before. It usually happens after approx. 8-10 years.

Soft or hard bed mattress?

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a bed mattress is your personal need for the mattress. Basically, everyone should have a bed that provides the right support for their own body. Therefore, the choice of material is decisive for whether you will lie hard or soft.

You need to find a mattress topper that has the right thickness and the right fullness. Should it be a soft or firm bed mattress? Here it is precisely your unique body, your weight and your shapes that are decisive. The heavier you are, the harder and more supportive bed mattress you should have, and vice versa the less you weigh less.

Personally, I got a sore back for a while and thought I was untrained. It turned out that I had the wrong bed mattress. When I had changed the mattress topper, well then the back pain immediately disappeared, the pure miracle.

Find a mattress with the right support

The most important thing when you buy a new bed mattress is that it provides the right support. Although a bed mattress has other benefits, it is the supportive part that is most important for you to be able to improve your sleep and reduce the risk of back problems.

The best thing you can do is to test the mattress in the store and then see if your spine is straight. In order for you to get the right support and not overwork your back to either side, it should be completely straight when you lie down. Therefore, get help from a friend or someone who works in the store!

Choosing the right mattress for the right climate

Not many people think of this factor when buying a new mattress! But different materials on the mattresses work differently in different climates. If you live in a warm climate, then a cooling material can be a better choice than a warmer material such as wool. Good cooling materials are latex and the new variety of foam rubber.

The horse’s more expensive bed mattresses contain natural materials and are more warming.

Pushed the new mattress

ALWAYS use a cover over the mattress! Whether it is sheets or mattress covers, this is very important if the mattress is to last. If the mattress has a removable washable fabric, wash it regularly. AND most importantly vacuum the mattress often, preferably once a week. Especially important for allergy sufferers, to keep mites away.

Another thing I have to take the opportunity to recommend for the bedroom are electric heating blankets that are perfect for chilly summer evenings. Are you tex. a couple in the bedroom where one is constantly frozen. Then it is perfect to have a heating blanket next to the bed to just take up and warm up when the cold hits. Can also be cozy with a warm blanket on the patio, the cool summer evenings.


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