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Since my recent article about Home Decor blogs: 10 tips for success I’ve been doing some thinking about the different roads a blog can take to get more traffic.

I hope my infographic above helps explain the three main roads to blog success that I can think of.

3 Roads to More Blog Traffic

Road 1: Start in 2005

Blogs that have been around for a long time tend to have large followings.
Probably because there weren’t many blogs around in the early days.
So, unless you started early, or your name is Marty McFly, this road isn’t an option.

Road 2: Be(come) a celebrity

If you’re already a celebrity, congrats. You’ll have no problem getting blog traffic.
Just tell people the URL and boom! Instant blog traffic.
If you’re not a celebrity, get famous… and quick.
If this doesn’t sound realistic to you, check out road 3…

Road 3: Niche expert + quality + SEO = TRAFFIC!

Find a niche that you are passionate about. eg. Equestrian sports.
Become an expert.
Write useful, high quality articles that fulfil the needs of your target readers.
Adopt some clever SEO and social media strategies.
Voila – blog traffic!

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. Great tips!

    Wish I’d started in 2005 – or better still, wish I was a celebrity starting in 2005 haha

    But #3 sounds like good advice – thanks! :)

  2. Agree! Great tips, the third is of course the best ever!:) Happy Sunday Jon and Maria! xo

  3. Likewise, I have also created a blog.It is about stock market lessons for beginners.Although the contents are good but still running low on traffics and clicks.

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