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4 Valentines day tips for sexy singles

Valentine’s Day can be a very anxiety-charged day for many singles out there. To see romantic Lady and the Tramp snuggling hot kissing couples wherever you go, can be just enough fun for one love’s day.

OR WORSE to be invited home to the buddy couple of pure mercy. Yes, it is realyyy funnn to hang with two full-time kissers that secretly hopes the third party goes home soon. Or EVEN worse up they are hoping to fulfill a old secret dream of having threesome….. a few bottles of wine later :(

No, a much better alternative is to celebrate the love to your self with yourself (except for cozy girl pals and the hot gay friend :)

Here you go, a luxurious sexy Valentine’s Day tips special for Singles special!

Valentines day tips

alla hjärtans dag upplevelse present

1. A SPA day with just me

I myself took a full day last year at St Jörgen SPA here in GBG, and it can be highly be recommended. Also Skönhetsfabriken in GBG has lovely SPA, that are guaranteed to make you forget everything else about Valentines. Simply find a fab SPA near where you live and make it a whole pampering day on Valentines Day.

If you cant afford the SPA solution, just order a mini day with a facial at the nearest beauty salon, it makes a BIG difference.

Nurturing and beautify ourselves is true selfie love!

alla hjärtans dag present henne

2. Invite the best single mingling friends

Instead drowning the chocolate package in your self sorry tears once again, in front of a cliché chick flick. Invite some fun single friends for a afternoon tea or cozy mingling at home. With a classy Afternoon tea all can eat chocolate but instead of tears with fun and laughter.

Who knows, someone might bring prince charming as a plus 2:)

alla hjärtan kryssning

dorsia hotell göteborg

dorsia hotell sovrum

3. Me Myself and My hotel getaway

You have long dreamed of the classy hotel, to get in there and just relax and be. NOW is the best day to do it. Check in on Valentines and have a fab hotel sleepover with yourself. I recommend the Getaway hotel NO ONE named Dorsia here in Gothenburg. At the hotel you never feel alone because it is always nice staff to wait on you nonstop :)

Who knows, maybe a hot flirtation arises in the hotel bar later in the evening, after a long lovely hotel dinner with a lots of red wine.

alla hjärtans dag

4. Make an inner spiritual love trip

Go on a yoga retreat in silence or go on meditation in the city where you live. Being with himself quietly without all the social media noise can be a major discovery in itself. Perhaps one of the things missing in life or should be changed before you take in a partner to share it with. Meet other spiritual seekers and share thoughts about the meaning of life can be very liberating.

Find out fine good retreats places through Google in your area. Here in Gothenburg we have the amazing center Heart Jewel in where I usually go Sometimes and meditate :)

alla hjärtans dag tips

Valentines day tips

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